Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Changes through vintage coloured postcards

Amsterdam, Munttoren (Mint Tower) c 1915 - 1920s

Judging by the contemporary photographs of Munttoren, one could recreate this scene in a photograph today. The surrounding buildings are still there, the sky line unchanged - though some tweaking in Photoshop would be necessary to get this level of colour! They have altered the adjoining guard house building (note windows and roof details).

Munttoren today.


Furkastrasse und Rhonegletscher (by J. Gaberell), c. 1925

German postcard of Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps near the Rhone Glacier.
Sadly one can not recreate this photo. The glacier is significantly smaller due to global warming accelerating its natural post ice age melt.

Rhone Glacier today
It's just peeking through in that valley. The rest is bare rock where the glacier used to be. It doesn't grow back. It shouldn't happen that quickly. Yes this really is the same part: check out that mountain in the background, it's the same one.

I started this post as a diverting vintage clippings thing. I liked the colours, architecture and slight surrealism of the blue ice which reminds me of the planet Krypton. Instead I ended up standing on a soap box! I don't apologise for that.


Marie Reed said...

You did a great job photoshopping it! I am such a dud when in comes to photo editing!

Lady Meerkat said...

Oh goodness, I didn't colour these they were like that when I scanned them! They are coloured by the post card printer, using a non-digital method since they pre-date computers.

I haven't tried my hand at colouring in PS though my brother has and he managed to obtain a similar result to these cards. I think he did it with various opacity in layers, so that the original is untouched.