Friday, March 28, 2014

Street Art in Little Smith Street Fitzroy, Melbourne - 2 Wildlife

 photo YoungStBear_zps510ec1ed.jpg
Bear mural
 photo YoungStBearDETAIL_zpsf492d63d.jpg

This particular artist also did another mural in Fitzroy off Johnson Street with pandas:
 photo PandaSwirlsREDfitzSep13_zpsee95ba45.jpg

Our critically endangered, state (Victorian) emblem:
 photo YoungStBird_zps3071ba07.jpg
Helmeted honeyeater mural

 photo YoungStBirdDETAIL_zpsfb5f1521.jpg

Friday, March 21, 2014

Street Art in Little Smith Street Fitzroy, Melbourne - 1 Decomposition

Late last year I had an appointment in Fitzroy and went for a wander down a few side streets to see what street art I would find. The following post is the first of a series showing what I consider to be the best works walking north in Little Smith Street, in October 2013. They are not all to my taste but they are well done.

 photo YoungStWindow_zps30545052.jpg
Detail of a mural. Unfortunately the ground level section of this piece has been vandalised with spray paint.

 photo YoungStSkull_zps5aab57c8.jpg
Stencil art skull. I like the decomposing substrate and grittiness with the visceral red splash.