Sunday, May 07, 2006


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Food and Drink
Don’t expect the sort of service you expect in Australia. It’s rare.
0 According to our Indian waiter at Mickey’s Pizzeria
“Sangria is a very romantic drink.”
Therefore E3.95 for a pint of it, at the Irish pub down the street must be more special than we thought.
0 Maoz falafels are delicious, healthy and cheap. An excellent vegetarian’s option.
0 Freud b’ Art. A restaurant with gallery walls. Attentive service, relaxed atmosphere, and inventive, delicious, well priced food. We found it by accident, looking for another restaurant.
0 Cafe Lirica, La Rambla. For service, hot chocolate and tapa basics.

Museum Gaudi @ Park Guel is the least interesting of the 3 main Gaudi attractions (there are others). Park Guel is nice but see it first then Casa Batllo, then the unfinished, awe inspiring, masterpiece that is the Sagrada Familia cathedral. We saw them in the opposite order :P Don’t bother with the ‘free’ audio tour at Casa Batllo. It’s goofy.

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The roof of Casa Batllo

Take a train to Figueres to see the Dali Theatre Museum, and the adjacent Dali Joies. This must be the world’s best Salavador Dali museum duo. Dali was involved in the Theatre Museum’s creation. You’ll see a few of his famous works some of which are murals. There’s also a real Mae West room with a special viewing lens so you can see it a bit like it is in the well-known painting. Dali Joies showcases his jewellery designs, which are exquisitely decadent. A few of them are animated. Be aware that you can buy basic Dali souvenirs (postcards, some of the sculptures, floppy watches galore) in the neighbouring shops. If you have time, I recommend checking them out before going to the museum so that you can see what is available as it’s generally cheaper than the official museum shop.

Kukuxumusu! It means ‘kiss of the flea’ in Basque. It’s a design studio from Pamplona that designs quirky, funny, graphics for t-shirts (kids and adults), keyrings, stationery, postcards and several other products. The visual humour used is universal. We found the main store in Barcelona by accident. I got a pink t-shirt of Little Red Riding Hood kicking the wolf in the soft bits, and postcards to share the lurve. Their stuff is so cool!

Be aware of the Barcelona Card for train travel. It also entitles you to discounts at many of the main attractions, and a selection of restaurant and shops. This includes the well-stocked BCN Original Shop souvenir store under the main square, Placa de Catalunya and the smaller store near Placa de Sant Jaume. Both are also tourist information points.