Wednesday, March 24, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things.

Today my bliss out time was:
wearing stripey tights and Mary Janes,
while sitting on a large, high backed, fancy street bench crowned at each corner with metal sunflowers,
eating a choc mint cupcake,
and being an island of tranquil bliss while everyone rushed to the station to get home.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pork wonton peaks

Listening to: Running Up that Hill by Placebo

Pork wontons prepared this afternoon. As I was making them I couldn't help but notice the pleasing pattern they made, complemented by the soft natural light. My cooking experiments are providing me with a great opportunity to practise my food styling skills and photography.

Aerial view

Playing with depth of field.

Grayscale with slight levels tweak to bump up contrast.
I've made this one my desktop wallpaper, I like it that much - plus it's well suited to it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Here Comes the Hook Again

Telephone call for Lady Gaga:
[Hello, hello baby you called I can't here a thing]*
It's Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox.
[I have got no service at the club you say, say]
They want their hook back from Here Comes the Rain Again.
[Wha, wha, what did you say? Huh? You're breaking up on me]
You used it in Dance in the Dark, yeah?
[Sorry I can not hear you. I'm kinda busy]

*All small print, lyrics from Telephone by Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spaceman to Victorian diver customization

Customization in progress.
20th century spaceman, 1 1/2" tall, plastic figure bought to accompany my Sea Monkeys on Mars tank.

Victorian diver
In order to make this convincing, I did a bit of google image researching.
The front window is a brass eyelet and a plastic disk. The side and top windows are googly eyes with the lens cut back to just a rim. I used a scalpel. emery board and carving tools to cut off the space paraphernalia, define the helmet, and 'depuff' the suit.

I also did a mini steampunk style customization on the base of the tank.

Happy Bug sayz "Hai!" ;)

Listening to: It's My Life, by Talk Talk, from The Collection.

Unidentified* cute bug on my bedroom window this afternoon. He hung around long enough for one photograph.

"Oh hai and welcum to de naiborhud."

*I tried to but there doesn't seem to be an easily accessed online resource for local bug identification. There is for spiders and butterflies. He was about 8mm long.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunny day, cool sky.

From my new backyard this afternoon.

The Hippo Jar

Listening to: Shining Light by Annie Lennox from the Annie Lennox Collection

The weird, ceramic Japanese hippopotamus pot/jar/vessel I got from the Salvos a few years ago. I had eyed it off for a few weeks before sucumbing to its odd charm.

Open hippo.

Hippo on mah belleh. Looks even funnier on a bare belly because it looks like he is emerging from it like water!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sir David Mellifluous Attenborough

Listening to : Telephone by Lady Gaga from The Fame Monster

Quote of the Day
'I have just received the televisual equivalent of a Sunday comfort shag from David Attenborough spooning sweet nothings about sand dunes into my gaping, ravenous ear. Is this what heroin feels like?'
Stephen Collins @ Coelacanth Diaries

Plastics are killing marine life.

via Bioephemera

Friday, March 05, 2010

Get the gist?

The soft 'g' in gist is pronounced in the same way as the 'g' is in giraffe or ginger,
like the hard 'g' in girder or get.

Get it?
Got it?

c. 1933* HMV record sleeve

Australian, HMV generic, LP record sleeve c.1933*


Detail showing HMV's portable record player

From the reverse of this sleeve.

*As surmised from the copyright notice on the reverse of sleeve.

Franz Ferdinand and moshing

Franz Ferdinand at The Forum wasn't as exciting as I hoped. Perhaps I built them up too much.

A while back I read that Franz Ferdinand got together to create music to make girls dance and not have just have a bunch of guys moshing. The area closest to the stage was not a lady friendly zone - it was a mosh pit. I saw other women with slightly anxious looks on their faces as the guy/s closest to them bounced fiercely up and down like demented Masai warriors. I saw women back away and others try to make their partners stop moshing.

I don't mosh. It's intimidating being in the middle of it. Guys think it's alright to keep bumping into you. When I told one guy "Get off me!" because he sort of leaned and draped over me, he told me "Relax, it's a concert". His friends were pushy pricks too.

Saying that it reads like other fans spoiled FF for me doesn't it? Well they did. It went against what I had expected from such a gig. I think I would have had 100% fun if I could have gotten closer without being jumped on.