Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Glow Worm

Saturday was the first time I’d been to a karaoke night. It was supposed to be Gothaoke but the dude they got in to provide the material brought standard, crappy karaoke fare. Think Back Street Boys and Mariah Carey. Anyhoo, the crowd made the most of what they could from it. There were a quite a few hair rock selections. You could tell who were the natural performers, and a couple of people had the crowd particularly enthusiastic.

I was dressed to impress wearing a lovely, bluish black satin Chinese style dress with a floral pattern woven into it in deepest violet. I got it last week at a nearby op shop for $8 with an unfinished hem. Perhaps the previous owner was going to take up the hem or something. I took it up about 25-30cm so I could wear it with my boots. Was told I looked ‘hot’, by one of the regulars at the club. ‘That’s what I was going for’ I said in reply ;) Having teamed a fine new dress with a little hosiery experimentation I was feeling extra sexy.

A couple of home mixed G&Ts beforehand at my man’s house, got me chilled out by the time we arrived. A $4 drink special on bourbon and coke; haven’t had that mix before but it was good. I drank to delightful tipsiness and it was just as well or maybe that’s why I missed it…

…Had gone to bathroom to retouch my lippy. Striding back onto the dance floor there was a long glowing thing stuck to my boot. About a metre of toilet paper under black light. I found it rather funny, laughing unabashedly as I dislodged it. Then I proceeded to dance, pretending nothing had happened. I noticed a friend of mine grinning at me so I went over. She said she had tried to step on it as I went past. Ah well. :P

And another thing…

Petrol Station Refuelling Etiquette 101
After you’ve come back from paying your bill, start your engine and
Thank you.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lady Meerkat

Listening to 'Confused' Instrumental, by New Order

As myself ;) :P

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cut the cord

Listening to 'Leave in Silence', by Depeche Mode

Over a month ago I came to make peace with myself. I had been thinking about something for a few months. Finally I cut the cord. I acknowledged I was not going to ever be employed as a designer, despite my talents. It's been too long since I graduated, I don't know anyone etc... I realized I would do best to pursue my freelance visual merchandising career.

So I turfed most of my design mags that I'd been hoarding. There was about a shelf/box full. My father, as always lacking in perception or basic observation skills,
"Oh you're tidying up a bit."
Completely unquestioning as to why I'd be getting rid of just design magazines, which were originally around $15 each...

Have been meaning to mention this in my blog because it irked me that all he saw was the getting rid of stuff. He didn't see that I had let go of a dream and woken up to reality.