Friday, April 18, 2014

Oia melds with Indigenous Art

 photo BlueHandIndig_zps7f65a93f.jpg
Corner of George and Moor Streets, Fitzroy.
October 2013
The colour scheme and most of the patterns used have a Greecian influence, but the layout and use of concentric forms and said patterns, plus the little hand print give it an indigenous flavour. It's a successful meld radiating a positive, inclusive energy.

 photo BlueHandIndigDETAIL_zps6f063b2a.jpg

Friday, April 11, 2014

Adventure Time Mural

 photo AdventureTimeCnr_zps84a1f612.jpg
Corner of Condell and George Streets Fitzroy, October 2013

 photo AdventureTimewall_zps9f78c982.jpg

The interesting thing about finding locations like this on Google Maps, is that the street view usually was taken before the art existed.

Street Art in Little Smith Street Fitzroy - 5

 photo YoungStDoor_zps3aed15ac.jpg

Friday, April 04, 2014

Street Art in Little Smith Street Fitzroy - 4 Inner Space

Not a favouite of mine but done well, incorporating the architecture and indirectly inspired by Pattachitra a traditional, Indian painting style.

 photo YoungStWoman_zps3864a1a1.jpg

Street Art in Little Smith Street Fitzroy - 3 Outer Space

 photo YoungStSpace_zpsbf8f1cc0.jpg

Friday, March 28, 2014

Street Art in Little Smith Street Fitzroy - 2 Wildlife

 photo YoungStBear_zps510ec1ed.jpg
Bear mural
 photo YoungStBearDETAIL_zpsf492d63d.jpg

This particular artist also did another mural in Fitzroy off Johnson Street with pandas:
 photo PandaSwirlsREDfitzSep13_zpsee95ba45.jpg

Our critically endangered, state (Victorian) emblem:
 photo YoungStBird_zps3071ba07.jpg
Helmeted honeyeater mural

 photo YoungStBirdDETAIL_zpsfb5f1521.jpg

Friday, March 21, 2014

Street Art in Little Smith Street Fitzroy - 1 Decomposition

Late last year I had an appointment in Fitzroy and went for a wander down a few side streets to see what street art I would find. The following post is the first of a series showing what I consider to be the best works walking north in Little Smith Street, in October 2013. They are not all to my taste but they are well done.

 photo YoungStWindow_zps30545052.jpg
Detail of a mural. Unfortunately the ground level section of this piece has been vandalised with spray paint.

 photo YoungStSkull_zps5aab57c8.jpg
Stencil art skull. I like the decomposing substrate and grittiness with the visceral red splash.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chewbacca Bunny

 photo ChewbaccaBunneh_zpsa4ce1752.jpg
Chewbacca Bunny sticker on a parking meter, Footscray 2013

Sticker bombed sign, Fitzroy

 photo FitzSignStickersGP_zps9417820f.jpg
Typical of the area, street art sticker bombed sign in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Features sticker by GhostPatrol.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Monochromatic street art mural, Fitzroy.

 photo FitzPegasusHippoMURAL_zps5ccf1289.jpg
Fitzroy, Young Street, October 2013

 photo FitzPegasusHippoMURALhippo_zpsc91ed7b6.jpg
Mural by Makatron, Phibs, Vato and Gore.

I have photoshopped out some vandalism to the mural as best I could off the hippo. See link to see unadulterated close up by Makatron.

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The location as previously captured by Google Maps

Good eggs and bad eggs - An old fashioned test

So your eggs are close to or past their recommended use by. Or maybe you have your own chooks and you're not sure how old your eggs are. Before you throw them out you can test them to see if they are still good. This is an old trick your grand mother would have used.

 photo egg_zps2f62e27c.jpg
First take your egg. Funny face drawn on is optional (done with a Chinagraph / wax pencil)

Gently place it into a glass of water.
Make sure you choose a glass big enough for the egg to sink to the bottom.
If it sinks, it's a good egg and it's fine to eat.

 photo eggGLASS_zps96e3dec9.jpg
If it floats, it's a bad egg so do not eat it!
It floats because of the gas created as it decomposes.

I usually test a whole carton to see if any need to be disposed of, then retest them as I use them. I break our bad eggs directly into the compost bin.