Friday, July 03, 2015

The Lost Bison

 photo RMITBisonGP_zpsx2ds3crs.jpg
Unnamed alleyway, Melbourne CBD, October 2015
As you can see on Google Maps, this has since been partially painted over. The original figure on top of the bison is probably by Ghost Patrol. Going by a Google image search I wouldn't be the first to attribute it to him.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Paste up, street art, stands test of time...

... if you paste it up high and dry enough!

 photo RMITDuct_zpshgdjnc81.jpg
Paste up, Literature Lane, Melbourne CBD, October 2013

 photo RMITDuctDETAIL_zpslanwwtot.jpg

Friday, June 26, 2015

Melbourne Street Artist, Malarkey.

 photo StreetArtCBDRafflesiaMalark_zpslysdelvq.jpg
Loosely inspired by by the parasitic rafflesia flower, sticker by Malarkey

 photo MalarkeyMonkeys_zpspfvpculb.jpg
Day of the Dead monkeys paste up, by Malarkey, at JB HI-FI's parcel pick up point.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Oil pastel drawing, street art

Back in daylight savings time, when I feel up to it after work, I take a detour on the way home down the docklands path. Here is some street art I saw in October last year. It was painted over within a month of these images.

 photo DocklandsCrayonFacewBulb_zpsqfn58acu.jpg
Unusually these were done with oil pastel.

 photo DocklandsCrayonFigwFleur_zpsyurnavit.jpg

Adjacent to a coloured oil pastel drawing was some texta work by another artist.
 photo DocklandsFleurVanitas_zps55bnq0q7.jpg

 photo DocklandsVanitas_zpsxqeg75ks.jpg

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

How big, blue and beautiful

Unfortunate use of an apostrophe on the plural but nonetheless an amusing poster hack.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Odd Spot #122

I Odd Spot #122 brought to you by Libra.

'Dolphins sleep with one eye open' as should the future owner of this little treasure at the op shop. There may even be gripping of a pillow while those flaccid, blue intestines/waves lurk in the mind's eye.

Friday, April 24, 2015

No fuss pesto

My letter to the manufacturer:

'I tried the new basil stir through pesto tonight. It was awful from the first mouthful. I had to add other things to it to make my dinner palatable. I wish I had just made my own pesto like I usually do. This pesto of yours is sweet and pesto should not be sweet at all.

There should not be any sugar in a pesto. Traditional recipes don't have it. As a refridgerated product you certainly don't need it. Even the non-refridgerated jars of pestos on the market aren't remotely sweet. Your product has over two teaspoons of sugar in each tub. That's more than most people put in a coffee. That's also more than there is salt and garlic in your product. Utterly wrong!

Unlike your other products, I would not buy or recommend this product to anyone.'

[edit 27/4/2015] To compensate for my unsatisfactory gastronomical experience, the manufacturer has offered to send me a coupon for the supermarket of my chosing.

No Fuss Pasta Pesto

I've made pesto for pasta enough times to be able to just throw it together without measurements, knowing it will be delicious. It's usually ready before my pasta is!

Cobble together these ingredients to a taste and texture you like, grinding in your mortar and pestle in the following order :
  • Fresh basil leaves - also works with fresh oregano, roughly chopped, about a handful to serve two
  • Freshly ground salt and pepper
  • Garlic cloves - roughly chopped
  • Pinenuts or other nuts - I usually have salted, roasted cashews on hand so I reduce the ground salt added. Peanuts also work well.
Now, get a little rubber or silicone spatula - never a metal implement, it will scratch the mortar- and mix in:
  • Parmesan cheese - traditionally, but whatever hard cheese you have to hand will do in a pinch
  • Olive oil - enough to turn the mixture into a paste
All you need is a mortar and pestle and you too can make your own. Yes you can do it in a processor but I suspect it will be a little different because you're cutting rather than crushing the ingredients. I recommend a granite mortar and pestle with a 12cm diameter on the mortar's inner bowl. It seems to be the optimum size: for speedy results on a good quantity; by not being too cumbersome to pick up off the bench and cradle if that's how you wish to grind; being easy to gently put in the sink and manipulate to wash. Always hand wash. Dark granite is better than marble because it won't stain.