Thursday, August 31, 2006

Beret not parade!

Listening to 'Maniac' by Michael Sembello

My next op shop pursuit will be to find a beret the colour of raspberries.

Just to see if it's possible.

Goths are not emos.

Listening to 'The Walk' by The Cure

Goths are not emos.

The mainstream media would have you believe otherwise but believe me, we are NOT the same. To the very casual observer there are similarities. Emo is commonly believed a spin off from goth. Not quite true.
Rather than wax lyrical on what goth is - we like to navel gaze - here's a couple of links for those who would like/care to know the difference. The goth definition is comprehensive, by no means definitive, and reasonable in its breadth. The Emo one isn't quite so long but it will give you a basis for comparison so you can see we are different.
Wikipedia on Goth
Wikipedia on Emo
I haven't included a picture of a goth because there is a huge variety of styles. Personally, I lean towards Victorian goth favouring lace, ribbon, frills, long swirly skirts, and a corset.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Round like a roundabout

Listening to 'I love it' by Sneaky Sound System

Ever been waiting to go into, then driving, in a roundabout while 'Spin me 'round (like a record)' by Dead or Alive was on the radio? I did, today! It was fun :)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

For punctuation sticklers...

...after reading another LJ user's interests I noticed they were into
80's music.
I am also into that but I had used
80s music.
Apparently the the correct way to write this is
80's music
as this is a case of something being possessive. Whereas
This music is from the 80s
does not describe possession but a period in time.
You don't put an apostrophe for the unseen 19.
Source for this information here.

These aren't mine but to illustrate our apostrophe class:

Wrong but could also be a good album :)

Right but judging by the listed tracks, possibly a bad album (too much mush!) ;)

I bothered researching this because when I looked at my dozen or so 80's compilation CDs I found three different ways of writing it which wasn't very helpful. I bothered writing it up because I like sharing knowledge. It will help me remember it better as well! So there you go for those who didn't know.
You learn something new every day :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Art of Alex Gross

Came across The Art of Alex Gross via

My favourite painting so far is this one.

Image Hosted by

She has a serene yet cold beauty about her. I like how he's used the body of a male peacock to create a female siren. The blues and greens in this work are lovely. There's a certain naivety in the representation, yet there is also great technical artistry. Like a well illustrated children's book.

Go and check out his site!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Welcome to Meerkat Clippings

Welcome to Meerkat Clippings, the reincarnated version of Lady Meerkat's Unadventures. It's a bit like the original blog. AS you can see it's still at the same address for existing readers and linkers.

What has changed?
The look obviously.
I've played around with it a bit to reflect the change. It's a bit more me.
The content.
You won't read about my personal life here unless it's in the archives. I've got an LJ for that! Expect more reviews, opinions, recommendations, tips and curious clippings.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lady Meerkat's Unadventures are over.

There's no point blogging in a vacuum.
Have a nice life.

The End.