Saturday, August 26, 2006

For punctuation sticklers...

...after reading another LJ user's interests I noticed they were into
80's music.
I am also into that but I had used
80s music.
Apparently the the correct way to write this is
80's music
as this is a case of something being possessive. Whereas
This music is from the 80s
does not describe possession but a period in time.
You don't put an apostrophe for the unseen 19.
Source for this information here.

These aren't mine but to illustrate our apostrophe class:

Wrong but could also be a good album :)

Right but judging by the listed tracks, possibly a bad album (too much mush!) ;)

I bothered researching this because when I looked at my dozen or so 80's compilation CDs I found three different ways of writing it which wasn't very helpful. I bothered writing it up because I like sharing knowledge. It will help me remember it better as well! So there you go for those who didn't know.
You learn something new every day :)

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