Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zoobs Hand @ Socrates

Inspired by the Terminator hand from T2, made from Zoobs @ Socrates, Highpoint Maribyrnong [/plug] ;)


Friday, July 18, 2008

Of squid, snot and kidneys.

C/O The ABC News Feed

Giant Squid's public dissection performed yesterday @ Melbourne's Museum of Victoria

Quote of the day
From an ABC news article about the dissection, with regards to deep sea creatures:
"There's things down there where their entire bodies are made of snot, they've got detachable heads, their teeth fall out, they explode and they eat their snot jackets." Doctor Mark Norman
Cool and yech at the same time!

Headline of the Day
Surgeons pull kidneys out through volunteers' belly-buttons
Best quote from this article
'...a donated kidney must come out intact, "like a rose" ... Dr Gill said.'
My love is like a red red, uh, kidney.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ghostpatrol - Street Artist

A Stalking Bear
paper door art
At city end of Brunswick Street near Victoria Parade, Melbourne

Ghostpatrol is one of those artists whose work I loved at first sight, and upon seeing more of it love more still. His inspirations include puppetry, children's fairytales, Beatrix Potter, Star Wars, computer games, and characters from pop culture.

You can find his work both in galleries that market to the younger art buyer as well as in the street. His gallery pieces are both 2D drawings and paintings, as well as soft 3D sculptures. His recent works on arrays of pencils are unusual in that the pencils are used as a substrate. Some of his street art is small sticker art, often tucked away and carefully placed in an amusing fashion - a reward for the sharp eyed observer. Others like this brown paper installation, and spray painted murals are considerably bigger. The best areas of Melbourne to keep an eye for his street installations are Fitzroy and the CBD.