Friday, March 29, 2013

Warning: Frozen salmon fillets contain fish

 photo fishlabel_zps6b767dd9.jpg
Who'd a thunk it? ;)
From a packet of New Zealand frozen salmon fillets. Perhaps it's a legal requirement but when it's clearly labelled as salmon and only salmon it seems superfluous. If anyone with a seafood allergy is stupid enough not to know that a salmon is a fish then ... Darwin award anyone?

Friday, March 22, 2013

A bird in the hand...

 photo StArtHandBirds_zpseabd2619.jpg

 photo StArtHandBirdsDETAIL_zps4142fa0d.jpg
Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne CBD, November 2012

 photo CardboardNessy_zps6ebae8d2.jpg

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mr Potato Head - Chef Edition

I work in a shop selling chef's clothing. Some customers always like to be fashionably dressed, expect off the rack chef's clothing to be tailored to their body and think they fit a size or two smaller than they should be in order to work comfortably in a kitchen environment. * Others have a more pragmatic idea of what they need in order to work. One such customer is a charming, middle aged French man I served yesterday. Upon discussing the size he needed and being told the uniforms have a generous fit:
"I don't mind if it is baggy but I don't want to look like a potato."

*You've got to be able to squat to check ovens, reach up to get equipment, and most importantly have some breathing space between you and your clothing because you are going to get warm if not sweaty.