Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tokyo - Shopping and Gothic Subculture

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We're back from our trip!
Our stop over in Tokyo was eye popping!

The shopping there is amazing. My favourite shop was Tokyu Hands, Shibuya. It's a department store that sells EVERYTHING you could need to make things/DIY/arty crafty from hardware, lengths of all sorts of materials to jewellery making and scientific glassware! I would have bought a lot more than a plastic pipette and some sculpting balloons if I didn't have to worry about lugging it around the world with me. Mobile phone danglies galore. Even scored a freebie one of a squirrel wearing headphones. Visited a shinto shrine which was nice for a change of pace. They are big on ladies' knee/thigh high socks. You see women in customer service wearing them and as street wear with heels and boots. I got some in stripey and lace tops.

Harajuko for Goths
Was strange seeing the tourists wandering around taking photos of goths. Yes there were 'wow!' outfits though most were wearing a Japanese flavoured outfit of what I'm already familiar with. The idea that members of my subculture are a tourist attraction makes me feel weird. Why isn't it happening at Flinders Street Station? Okay don't answer that! Maybe we better dressed goths need to go there and congregate every 4th Sunday dressed to the 9s ... or not because it could be boring :P It's interesting that goths are part of the streetscape everywhere else but here there is such a fascination with them. A few of the Harijuko goths had little wheely suitcases with them. I suspect they contained a change of clothes and make up remover so they could go home like nothing had happened afterwards.

It was sooo hard to choose something to buy there what with stylish things, very reasonable prices, and the current Australian dollar to Yen exchange rate. Got a cute, black tutu skirt from Bodyline (they don't have change rooms but a skirt with an elastic waist wasn't a big gamble fit wise) and a wrist cuff combining metallic, red PVC, black lace and silvery chain from Putumayo (best range of jewellery/accessories). Alice in Wonderland is a major influence. Lolita style is HUGE with one boutique dedicated to it (very cute Strawberry Shortcake-like things). Lots of oversized bows, frills and lace. There is a heavy metal influence as well. Printed Engrish text as a pattern on black gaberdine/cotton drill fabric is the bread and butter of more than one shop. Quite a few men had what I described as the Jareth or Bowie hair cut ala Goblin King. Kabuki and traditional influences could also be found in the individual outifits but not so much the boutiques. A local goth checked out M's pinstripe sneakers :)

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Street performer/busker, Harajuko.
He was nuts!

*As a woman - there's still not a lot for men :(