Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chicken Twirl Mascot

I was unusually checking out Woolworth's frozen food section and was reminded why I don't usually do this:
 photo chickentwirl_zps0414e016.jpg
Chicken Twirls, Southern style.

 photo chickentwirlMascot_zps53b73cce.jpg
At least he seems like a polite mascot with hat doffed and toothy ah, disarming smile - even if his legs are a bit too heroically apart! Can you imagine him sitting on a horse? Why does he have a belt? What is that curious bulge at the top of his leg? Why am I calling it a him?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Humane Anti Bird Barrier - ground plants and seedlings.

 photo AntiBirdSpikes_zpsd03d6c67.jpg
A free and easy way to protect young plants and seedlings from foraging birds. Blackbirds in particular like to forage through garden beds flicking mulch and dirt about in their search for food. They often dig up young plants in the process!

We have used bamboo twigs neatly placed in 'A' shapes as shown above but a triangular teepee or encircling fence in similar proximity will work as well if not better. You don't have to use bamboo -any stick or twig will do. It needs to be sturdy and long enough so it won't be easily dug up and is close together enough to prevent the bird from getting close to the root system or the plant itself. More rather than less is best for delicate seedlings. As the plant gets older you can pull them out. With found twigs you can be a bit lazier and just leave them there to disintegrate.

A larger version of this system also works well for stopping your dog from continually peeing on a plant.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Forest Spirit Tree

 photo GhibliHouse_zps8544db1b.jpg
This dead tree overgrown with vines near J's house used to remind me of The Forest Spirit (Shishi-gami) from Princess Mononoke by Studio Ghibli. It was cleaned up and cut down last year. That's a full moon in the sky behind it.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Potted herbs

 photo herbtable_zpsf3575e7f.jpg
Potted herbs on an outdoor table are easy to look after and harvest.

My favourite garden herbs:
  • Thyme is a perennial and a pretty little plant. Tasty sprinkled on buttered, toasted bread but also in more complex things!
  • Oregano is also a perennial but needs to be trimmed back hard after flowering before returning in the spring flush with leaves. Lovely in pasta dishes and on pizza.
  • Chives and garlic chives are handy perennials when you want an onion or garlic hint without the full punch. Garlic chives are particularly easy to grow.
  • Italian parsley is an annual that grows so easily from seed that you need never buy fresh parsley again. Even a black thumb should be able to grow some! Cut some excess by the stalk, bundle with string to hang dry in a dark, warm place so that you will have some all year round. Better still, let some go to seed and save the seed to plant at intervals so you always have harvestable amounts.
  • Sweet Basil is annual you can grow from seed or buy a punnet full of seedlings. I prefer the punnet option because I want them NOW. Well soon anyway. The fragrance is divine. Freeze your excess leaves to add to pasta sauces and pestos over winter after your plants have died.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The feminine wiles of aubergines.

 photo Bootiliciousaubergine_zps8f528fc7.jpg
My housemate grew one bootilicious aka callipygian (cal·li·pyg·i·an) aubergine last Summer.

 photo femaleeggplant_zps3c52d886.jpg
I bought this one because I couldn't resist sharing her with you!

Ladies we should not be ashamed of our - or our fresh produce's - sexy parts. It's empowering to see female artists reclaiming female genitalia back from the censors and celebrating it as something beautiful, sensual and intimate. I'm not sure I'd want to wear it around my neck but to each her own!

"...And For Dessert..." by Ron Adams

 photo AndForDessert_zps27707eb5.jpg
"...And For Dessert..." by Ron Adams


Seen at Vinnie's Op Shop in July. Going by my internet research - I didn't buy or look inside this book - it's a recipe book for sensual play with food published in 1974.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

A banana a day.

 photo NanaAd_zpsc4944217.jpg
Current Australian Bananas advertisement on tram. 'Uranus Choc Log' [smirk 'n' giggles]

Bird Sticker at the Docklands, Melbourne

 photo DocklandsBirdSunFigo_zps73a1892c.jpg

C'est la vie...

 photo TShirtCestLaVie_zps31920c1b.jpg
...That's life as a shy, colour blind, queer heart. It's like they channelled Freddie Mercury and completely missed the mark.

Ladies' t-shirt seen at Target.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guinea pig bumper sticker

 photo GeeneePeegee_zpsdd998bbe.jpg
The cutest car sticker I've ever seen. It made me squee. I had to pull over and take a pic to share. I love the foreshortening and his happy little face.

Street art pimp my metal box

 photo StarBoyBox_zps8183037f.jpg
Signal box on Lygon Street, Carlton near bike track.

 photo EckersleysStickers_zpsd9005c76.jpg
Fire Indicator Panel box (?) at Eckersley's Art shop in Franklin Street, Melbourne CBD. I didn't see the chameleon at first!

 photo EckersleysCritterSticker_zpsd95711a8.jpg
My favourite from the sticker collection at Eckersley's by Trimbles.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Blurred Lines aka 'What rhymes with "hug me"?' - both nonsensical notions.

I know I'm late to the table on this one but my favourite dancer in my favourite performance from SYTYCD danced to 'Blurred Lines' by Robin Thicke. Upon looking into the track I read much controversy over both the lyrics and the clip (PG and a M+ version unsuitable for YouTube).

Having read the lyrics and watched all I could stand of both versions of the clips, as well as various parodies my conclusion is thus: you can get away with singing anything you want if you sing it in falsetto and he is a f*** wit with a good voice. The 'we're married with kids, this is tongue in cheek, have you no sense of humour?' line is bull$#!+

Just be honest Thicke: sex sells and if it's explicit you can rake in the $$$$$. You said it was a pleasure to degrade women in this clip becuse you usually respect women such as your wife. Respect of women is different to respecting a woman's authority. Also you mention that the British don't understand the humour of the clip yet you say it was inspired by Benny Hill. You do know he was English right? I think the reason they and the rest of us don't find it funny is because your clip isn't funny. Having topless women and a goat doesn't make a clip instantly funny. Then again I never thought Benny Hill was funny either but that's just me and my feminist ways (felt even before I understood what feminism is).

Thicke, in answer to
'You wanna hug me.
What rhymes with "hug me"?'
it isn't 'f*** me' unless you mispronounce f*** or hug. Whilst that works when composing couplets for a song because you control how it is pronounced, asking the listener to do so is onerous and clumsy. Suggested answers to your query are;
Bug me
Lug me
Jug me
Pug me
Rug me
Thug me
Snug me
Plug me
Drug me
Mug me
Tug me - is that what you're getting at? If so then okay, as you were.

I don't believe that the song endorses non-consensual sex but it's certainly not a healthy outlook and it does make arrogant assumptions. This is nothing new. The non-explicit lyrics are on the whole not much creepier/sexist than some of these other older song examples off the top of my head:
Depeche Mode
Billy Ocean
Sting and The Police
The difference? The clips and the lyrics are suggestive rather than outright pornographic or explicit. In the case of The Police this was so well done that most people think it's a love song and not about a controlling, manipulative stalker.

The explicit lyrics are unnecessarily disgusting and I can't believe this man is happily married ... yech. Then again he claims his wife is the one who told him to put out the explicit clip after he had misgivings about it.

Had Thicke not put out explicit versions of the clip and song it may have done just as well as it has and we wouldn't be having this discussion. I actually like the catchy melody with its 1970s funky flavour pseudo early Michael Jackson feel, the PG clip is inoffensive, but now knowing the lyrics and the attitude of the performer there is no way I would buy it.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Word Salad / Band Names

Throughout and beyond my relationship with J we have enjoyed playing with words, learning new ones, and recombining common phrases or ideas into sources of amusement. One of the things he taught me was band names ie. curious phrase, word combination results in "That would be a good name for a band" - either because it sounds cool, or it's so silly/funny it could work for the right act. Since I got J's old i-phone 4 I've been taking note of them for posterity to share here. I know this concept isn't unique to us. If I bothered to Google* it maybe there's a whole site/community/twitter feed dedicated to it. No matter. You're welcome :)
I've also added how the origin/context of the phrase if it isn't self explanatory and I can remember it.

Ox Blood Goat (trying to recall the word for the colour, misfiring it as ox gall and being misheard as goat)
Left Curve (road sign)
Arm Fart 
Random Kebab (comment after seeing many kebab caravans in an area)
Oozy Crumpet (with honey and butter)
Joffrey and the Oozy Crumpets (had been watching GoT)
Plush Tuxedo (my description of Fonzie the Cardigan Corgi's coat/markings)
Death Burp (discussion about preserving olives)
Death Fart
Smurf Jerky (may have followed a discussion about the crapness of Avatar and how it ends?)
Decaf Goon. (was talking about coffee...)
Fridge Funk (J's shared fridge emanates a stink) 
Segregated Pumpkin (J roasted some organic and not-organically grown pumpkin on seperate trays)

Feel free to use any of them - let me know and send me a link if you do!

*I would get this sort of thing.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two knights kissing on a gravestone

I'm not sure why.

I tried reading some of the back story but it still didn't make sense. I understand that they must have been happy to see each other. I wasn't aware that heterosexual men used to kiss each other on the mouth at all, let alone for this reason. That said, my knowledge of medieval history could be written on a large postage stamp in small letters.

 photo KnightsKiss_zps48b94ac0.jpg
"They took off their helms and kissed each other"

Sir Tristram of Lyonesse
'...At last the knight clad in white spoke, and said:
"Knight,thou fightest wonderfully well, as ever I saw knight, therefore, if it please you, tell me your name."
"Sir," said Sir Tristram, "I am loath to tell any man my name."
"Truly," said the stranger, "if ever I were required, I was never loath to tell my name."
"It is well said," quoth Tristram; "then I require you to tell me your name."
"Fair knight," said he, "my name is Sir Lancelot of the Lake."
"Alas," said Tristram, "what have I done? For you are the man in the world I love the best."
"Fair knight," said Sir Lancelot, "tell me your name."
"Truly, my name is Sir Tristram."
"Oh," said Sir Lancelot, "what adventure is befallen me!" ...
...Then forthwith they went to the tombstone, and sat down on it, and took off their helms, and kissed each other. And afterwards they rode to Camelot.'

Image by A.G. Walker (sculptor). Text from Sunday Reading for the Young, Wells Gardner, Darton and CO, London 1905

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Captain Ketchup versus the Intergalactic Dutch Oven

 photo CaptainKetchup_zps3ea8c559.jpg
Captain Ketchup novelty sauce squirting bottle has a funny side panel.

 photo CaptainKetchupDETAIL_zps244cadc1.jpg

Make your own home grown seed packs

 photo SeedPacketTea_zpsdab19c7c.jpg

Cut open and save the individual paper sachets from tea bags. Reuse them as packets for your collected garden seeds.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Erewhon by Samuel Butler

'If the letters forming the word "Nowhere" are reversed, all except the "wh", regarding them as a sound in themselves, they will be found to make the word "Erewhon". This is the name given by an author named Samuel Butler ... to a book he wrote about an imaginary country. Sir Thomas More had also used the made-up Greek word Utopia, also meaning "nowhere", for the name of man imaginary land.

Like many before him, Butler saw that some established customs and ideas of his own day were foolish. And in picturing such a place as Erewhon, he found it easier to satirise such things. Sam Butler was a young man out in New Zealand...'

 photo Erewhon_zps804fd09d.jpg

'... Pushing on alone, the explorer suffered many perils, and became haunted by the sound of distant music, which prevented sleep and was quite unaccounted for. Having a glimpse of distant plains, he struggled on hoping to reach them, only to find himself enshrouded in mist. Suddenly there loomed up in front of him some gigantic figures, still and silent, but in human shape. After his first alarm was over (when he lost consciousness), he realised that he had come upon a sort of Stonehenge. Ten huge stone figures, partly covered in snow, stood in a group ; their heads were hollow, and acted as organ-pipes. The wind rushing out through their mouths made the ghostly music he had heard earlier. This was the entrance to the kingdom of Erewhon, and he heard later that at a very remote period in the people's history these statues had been put up to propitiate* the gods of disease...

 photo ErewhonHiggsBalloon_zpsb7e294d8.jpg

...It is a modern attempt to portray an imaginary country by one who saw the folly of many things. It is an idea that has fascinated men all through the ages, and will doubtless continue to do so, and many books may yet be written dealing with such "Lands of Desire"

Free to download/read copies of  'Erewhon' by Samuel Butler can be found here and here.

*I had to look this up! Was this a word used by kids back then? Colour me impressed by the quality of education and breadth of resulting vocabulary.

Image and text by Ruth Cobb from children's annual Chatterbox, J Erskine Clarke MA, Wells Gardner, Darton and CO, London 1927

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cupcake Wreck

Outside a Cupcake Bakery. A late 30s/early 40s woman and her male companion are checking out the window display. She says
"It looks like poo. It looks like poo upside down."
After they went I checked out the display and could only conclude it was this.

 photo cupcakeDad_zpsd32d2aa5.jpg

At first I thought she meant the turdish blob* on the top which made me wonder if there was a right way up for poo. When looking at the photo after uploading it I realised she was probably talking about the word 'Dad' on the side - it's Fathers' Day tomorrow.

*What is that anyway? It looks like a complete male appendage with an accoutrement on one end. It's how a man becomes a dad so that works doesn't it?
EDIT: A bit of research has revealed it is a tie! Of course it is. I think that shape around the word poo is a shirt pocket. Though if you're looking at this upside down it's a house. This all ties in rather nicely because clearly the cake decorating skills on display here are s***house.

 photo cupcakedaddetail_zpsa0093db8.jpg

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunday 'Style'

I've got a terminal, proverbial, weaponed arthropod in my sunny day, head attire so I'm going to have a rant about it here. My beef is with this thing called 'fashion'. Witness the cover of Sunday Style, from the Herald Scum August 11, 2013:

 photo style_zps1000dfad.jpg

This cover photo really bugged me. I'm indifferent to Maggie Gyllenhaal. It's as if the photographer, stylist and editor got together to try and publish a polished but totally unflattering image. Maggie is an average to prettish lass. This image makes her look pasty, boyishly weedy, curiously thin lipped and evil in A Clockwork Orange way. How does this invite the - predominantly female - readership to want to know more about her? Did they think she looked intriguing? [shrug] Is the undone pussybow blouse and lack of pants/skirt* teamed with fishnets an homage to her role in The Secretary? Why the upturned pudding bowl hair? Why anything really...

*  *  *

A senior fashion editor from Vogue Australia wrote the 'Trend I love...' column in the same issue citing this image as one to emulate. The fact that it looks awful on the model may put one off  from the 'bold athletic aesthetic' and 'some of the most striking pieces'. Is it actually bold to ignore the fact that a 'denim suit' is a term used in the fashion vernacular with derision? There's a good reason why the ones in the know usually recommend you mix your denim washes to avoid that look. It's too matchy-matchy and you tend to look like you're wearing overalls (oops too late!). No mention is made of that here.

The ill fitting, unflattering outfit 'heralds a new direction for one of fashion's ubiquitous garments'. Everyone who knows anything about style, knows that pleated pants are to be treated with caution or you will risk looking like you have stuffed a spare tyre down your pants. This look is repeated in various ensembles from the Balmain Resort Collection 2014**. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I prefer waistlines to appear smaller - not the same size - than hips and shoulders on women, possibly because that is the natural way of things. I think the jacket is well cut but the wash and buttons make it look cheap and bedazzled. Don't get me started on the dropped crotch thing.

*  *  *

It is for these reasons that this lift out should be called 'Fashion' or 'Now' or 'Trend' or something like that. 'Style' is not subject to the whims of what is considered fashionable. What is stylish isn't always fashionable but what is fashionable can be stylish. Being fashionable is highly overated. Being stylish is what everyone should aim for, young or old. It doesn't mean boring, and it doesn't mean old. It means understanding what shapes, fabrics and colours work for you. You wear things that speak to you, that make you feel happy, comfortable, elegant, strong, at your best in yourself. It takes years to figure this out, and I consider it a work in progress rather than a destination. While it can be useful to observe what is new in fashion for inspiration but don't be disheartened if it feels like it's aimed at someoneelse. It probably is!

*Lack of pants/skirt may be to highlight that thigh gap that is considered something to aspire to, particularly in certain circles.

**After looking through the whole collection I can safely say I don't like a single thing there. I am not the target demographic. Whatever.

We built this sausage.

[singing to the tune of Starship's We Built This City]

We built this sausage!
We built this sausage.
We built this sausage in a sauuusaaage roooooOOOooll.

Someone's always playing delicatesan games.
Who cares they're always changing delicatesan names.
We just want some small goods. Someone cut the line.
Why can't they take a number - just like everyone else?!

I'm gonna place my order, so listen here deariooo.
I'd like a kilo, of chorizo, please oh

Monday, August 26, 2013

Homemade white fly sticky trap

 photo FrogYellow_zps124952e9.jpg
Essentially all you need is something yellow, weather resistant and sticky with a decent surface area. The whiteflies are attracted to bright yellow and orange.

We found some plywood frog cutouts at the last hard waste collection as well as some yellow enamel paint. I combined the two with a spike made from some broken garden lattice.Obviously it will still work if its a plain old rectangle but I had the frogs so why not make them ornamental?

I tried painting used motor oil onto them to act as a sticky surface but it wasn't particularly sticky, it ran down it and was a bit dark. Smearing it with an old pot of vaseline based lip balm worked a treat as pictured.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Signal box in North Fitzroy by Kaff-eine

Traffic signal box by Kaff-eine.


If this unicorn looks familiar, I have previously posted a detail of a piece by Kaff-eine.

Kaff-eine's style is quite distinct - fluid yet controlled linework, a colour palette favouring the complementary contrast of blue/purple with yellow/orange, subtle tonal sculpting, simple, effective composition.  She also seems to like horses and their ilk. I've seen a few of her other pieces in Melbourne's north.  See more of  her art here.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Benjamin Robert Haydon and the Elgin Marbles

'The ambition of Benjamin Robert Haydon was to be a great painter,and he believed that he achieved it *... What is he is remembered for to-day (sic) is his journal, which he kept practically all his life.'
 photo KeatsWilkie_zpse1dfba06.jpg
'His custom of taking casts of his friends' faces was sometimes rather dangerous to the sitters, and they were nearly suffocated.'

'Lord Elgin ... saw with distress how the marvellous sculptures by Phidias, decorating the Acropolis at Athens, were being neglected and destroyed. They were rescued by his agents, and brought to London. The incident caused a great stir, and there was much difference of opinion about the statues. Haydon saw their beauty, recognising the sublime in art. He took up the defence of the Elgin Marbles vigorously, and it was really due to him that after a parliamentary inquiry they were bought for the Nation, and are now in the British Museum. He obtained leave somehow to make casts of some of the figures.

"16th November, 1815. I hurried away for a plaster man! As I was passing Prince's Street, I passed two inside a shop moulding. I darted in, and said: 'Get some sacks of plaster, and a cart, and follow me. I'll put money in your pocket.' They obeyed me directly. As we got down at Burlington House I said: 'Now, lads, as soon as this gets wind we shall be stopped, so work away.' They took fire, for with Italian quickness they perceived the truth...

...So we went on up to 8th December: when they alarmed Lord Elgin ... it was too late, the cream of the collection was secured." The casts were afterwards sold to Russia.'

Image and text by Ruth Cobb from children's annual Chatterbox, J Erskine Clarke MA, Wells Gardner, Darton and CO, London 1927

*The fact that he is in major art collections like the Tate's suggests that he was at least better than 'mediocre' as the text by Ruth Cobbs describes. These days the mediocre artist is unlikely to enjoy such a priviledge.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Great Whale Leaps

 photo WhaleLeaps_zpsd5529fe1.jpg

It looks like a sperm whale which are not known to completely clear the water when they breach - at least not as adults. A bit of artistic license taken by GS Brien.

Image by GS Brien from children's annual Chatterbox, J Erskine Clarke MA, Wells Gardner, Darton and CO, London 1927

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Good book, cosy nook...

 photo GoodBookCozyNook_zps6a6fc74b.jpg
If the illustation was intended to illustrate the exact opposite of what the caption says then: Well played Winifred *lol*! I didn't know they used quotation marks sarcastically back in the '20s. You learn something new everyday...

Image by Winifred Barham from children's annual Chatterbox, J Erskine Clarke MA, Wells Gardner, Darton and CO, London 1927

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Slugs and Snails: Make a Beer Baited Slug Trap Mark II

I made this one using an instant noodle container and an Aqua Spike. I used my Dremel to drill a hole for the spike, to hold the roof up. The dremel helped me to add a bit of artistic flair by engraving the roof. It reads: 'The Drunken Slug Inn. Snails welcome.' and the 'S' in slug is a slug :)

 photo SlugInn_zps1481cef5.jpg

Like the Mark I it seems to be most attractive to slugs rather than snails. So how do we deal with snails?

 photo CoffeeGrounds_zps209258d2.jpg

My housemate planted some cyclamens. She would usually scatter snail pellets around new plants like these but it hasn't been necessary. I had read that coffee grounds can be an effective snail deterrent so we've been scattering that closely around these new plants instead. Additionally, the grounds are a good soil conditioner. We would usually broadcast the grounds over the mulch. It feels good to use gentle, organic pest control that won't linger in the foodchain.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dancing bears sticker

Not sure what this means.
 photo StickerDancingBears_zps110e76c9.jpg
Spotted on top of a post at pedestrian crossing near Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD

Saturday, July 20, 2013

LadyMeerkat's Perfect Pot of Tea

It might seem obvious but if you want to have the perfect cup or two of teapot tea then you don't want to drown the tea leaves in excess water.

Swirl some hot water around the pot to warm it up. Do the same with the cups and the measuring jug if you want to be really thorough, especially if it's Winter!
Measure out however many cups of tea you need by the metric cup (1 cup = 250ml) with a heat proof measuring jug.
Add one heaped teaspoon of tea to the pot for however many cups of tea you want to make, PLUS one for the pot. One cup of tea = 2tsp  Two cups of tea = 3tsp etc
Add water and brew to taste.

cU  \(~)?  cU

 photo teapottea_zpsfac181c8.jpg

Green Thumb Tip:
Scatter the spent tea leaves widely over your garden beds or add to your compost / mulch heap. I like to scoop them out with a tea spoon then rinse out the pot and pour that water in the garden as well.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Harvest Fish

I harvested a bunch of limes, mini capsicums and chillies in the garden on Friday afternoon. After dumping them on the kitchen bench I noticed an overall shape. I worked with that, embellishing it with the chillies which I collected in a bowl.

 photo HarvestFish_zps2ccb4311.jpg

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Identify your ear buds quickly - by tattooing one!

Yes we can tell L from R but when one is in a hurry it's nice to just grab them and pop them in your ears.

My brother came up with the idea of putting odd coloured ear bud covers on his iPod ear buds. The rubber around the speaker detiorates with time so the covers mean you don't have to throw them away, you can keep on using them. After my own odd coloured set wore out I was only able to get a pack of all black pairs from Dick Smith. Ear bud foam covers are really hard to find!

If you have ever got biro or permanent marker on something vinyl or rubber you know that even if you clean off the surface ink it penetrates into the material. This 'life hack' takes advantage of that.

You will need
a small point, permanent marker
cotton buds
methylated spirits

 photo earbud1_zps39d67483.jpg
Carefully draw a line around on the end of one bud's stem. Leave for about 5 days or up to a week for best results. The colour will start to bleed a little into the rubber.

 photo earbud2_zps0359d45f.jpg
Swab off all the surface ink you can to reveal a permanent tattoo.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Wrapped up tree: Triage by Louise Lavarack

Coming in to work one morning I saw workmen wrapping up this tree with something soft and white. I wasn't sure if it was to protect the tree from adjacent construction or an installation artwork. My botanist coworker thought it might be an arborist thing. As it turns out Triage is an art installation by Melbourne artist Louise Lavarack. There are tributes to the dying tree at its base but I prefer the surreal quality of the tenderly wrapped boughs in the afternoon sun:

 photo wrappedtreeLEAVES_zpsa132f164.jpg

 photo wrappedtree_zpsb12064de.jpg

 photo wrappedtreeLIGHTS_zps5b415606.jpg

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Post box puking...

 photo PostBoxSpew_zps00861217.jpg

This one has been here quite a while I think - in great condition too.
Near Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
June 2013.

Kicks Cat Bus sticker

 photo CatBusKicks_zps9d9158f6.jpg
Homage to Studio Ghibli's CatBus from My Neighbour Totoro by Kicks.

Have been cycling past this one on the bike track between Parkville and Brunswick, Melbourne - between the underpasses.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Alan Brough to Colin Lane on Spick and Specks
"You want a piece of me?!"
"Well there's plenty to go 'round. I'll give you a little bag."

Friday, May 17, 2013

A teapot is not a hammer. Just sayin'...

 photo teapothammer_zps840ba8f3.jpg
From a product information sheet for a either a stainless steel teapot or coffee pot (can't remember it was over a month ago) at work.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Vintage Corn Oil advert.

 photo CornOilAd_zps7f23ab9d.jpg
Back page advertisement from a 1981 National Geographic.
Looking at this now it makes me think of the artifice of G.E. products rather than a kaleidoscope of fresh food.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

WTF mudskippers

Via WTF evolution and making the blogging rounds: the funniest natural history segment I've ever seen AND it's endowed with the melifluous tones of everyone's favourite narrator, Sir David Attennborough.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Brooch Show

My first foray into art jewellery for sale is at The Brooch Show, run by the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria. I have four brooches in the show. Here is a sneak preview of one of them.

 photo BroochPromo1_zps2772fd14.jpg
ink, paper collage on plywood, acrylic lacquer, metal brooch fitting

Fitzroy Library (wall display cases)
128 Moor St, Fitzroy
2 May - 29 June 2013
OPENING: Sunday 5 May 2013 at 2pm 
The library Hours are:
Monday: 10am - 6pm
Tue & Wednesday: 1pm – 8pm
Thursday: 10am – 6pm
Friday: 1pm – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 2pm – 5pm.

Then the exhibition will go 'on tour' to
Toorak/South Yarra Library (foyer & display cases)
340 Toorak Rd, South Yarra
2 July - 30 August 2013
Library hours are:
Monday to Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 2pm - 5pm

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The back wall of 639 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy, Melbourne.

The back wall of 639 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy, Melbourne

 photo AstronautEye_zpsbd15d2d7.jpg
On the corner...

First there is a monkey who continues the mural around (not shown) then a squid:
 photo FitzMonkeySQUID_zps46a8b653.jpg

and so on...
 photo FitzMonkeyROBOT_zps51d1abf1.jpg

 photo FitzMonkeyUNICORN_zps58d8c565.jpg
Detail of unicorn by Kaffeine.

 photo FitzMonkeyRIOTCOPS_zps230833f9.jpg

 photo FitzMonkeyHOPPER_zpsd8e9b84b.jpg