Sunday, April 05, 2009

Favourite Muppet Show skits

I was chatting with a younger staff member today (actually all of my staff are younger than me except one!) about my favourite Muppet Show skits. These are classic, as entertaining and funny today as they were when they were first screened in the 1970s, and still funny even when you've seen them a few times before.

The Snowths and Mahna Mahna. Snowths puppeteered by Frank Oz, Mahna Mahna voiced by Jim Henson.

Java aka the dancing slinkies skit

Swedish Chef and spaghetti . Chef's head and voice puppeteered by Jim Henson, his hands by Frank Oz). Also check out the doughnut skit.

Marvin Suggs (puppeteered by Frank Oz) and his Muppaphones

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