Saturday, April 04, 2009

I <3 H.G. Wells

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Recently I have been endeavouring to devour the classics of sci-fi since it is a genre which interests me particularly as a dabbler in steam punk. So far H.G. Wells is my favourite. His writing style is clear and accessible without spoon feeding it to the reader. I like the way he makes the reader think about the moral, philosophical and scientific possibilities evoked within his stories.

The Island of Dr Moreau

From the first page I found it to be page turner. That teamed with being a novella makes it an extra quick read. It's quite visceral, horrific and violent at times. Wells questions what it is to be human or beast, and the merits of each. Nature versus nurture is explored as well as scientists playing God.

The Time Machine
A very thought provoking hypothetical on the eventual state of humanity, the progress of civilisation and industry, and what that could mean for our evolution. The inspiration from Darwin's The Origin of the Species is very strong in this novella - more so than The Island of Dr Moreau. I found my thoughts wandering a few times in a good way because it got me thinking 'What if?'

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