Friday, February 20, 2009

Drumstick Summer Parade Commericial

Listening to: Shout by Depeche Mode from Speak and Spell


Drumstick Summer Parade* is chock full of whacky, very Aussie, decadent, CGI goodness which I love - particularly the slightly risqué but cute budgie smugglers. The sunburnt peaches (I think/hope they're peaches...) set the tone, fly swat robot is awesome and the sandman is sweet.

Then that git loudly bites off the tip of his icecream cone and they all follow suit.

Am I weird because I never do that and neither does anyone else in my family? We all eat that last. It ensures the warmth of your hand makes the choc tip chocolate gooey like Nutella and of course you don't end up with a leaky cone. I've never seen anyone bite off the tip of their cone either. Isn't that a recipe for a molten icecream bangle? Am I living in a icecream cone integrity bubble?

*Read about making this TV commercial, by the Iloura agency, here - including some cool concept sketches.


ArtSparker said...

Biting the tip off= intentionally nihilistic? at least dancing at the edge of the volcano.

Lady Meerkat said...

A molten icecream, nihilistic volcano!