Saturday, July 09, 2005

Rainy Day Activities

Had a great night out last night dressed up as a pirate. Much fun when dancing, to fluff about in glowing white shirt, a dangly sash belt, boots and a tricorn hat. [sings] Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me. Tee hee :D

Today was a classic Winter's day in Melbourne. Like the Winters of my youth, it rained almost all day. So no soccer this week :( Even if it had been fine, my group has been a lazy bunch. They seem to have dispersed, or found girlfriends who won't let them kick a ball around for a couple of hours on Saturday :P Hopefully it will pick up in Spring.

Rainy Day Activities:
I got my exercise by taking a walk in he rain, under my enormous Bunning's umbrella.
Tidied a bit in my room, did some dusting.
Completed a collage I started months ago but had stashed away for a day such as this :)

Here 'tis:

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paper collage


Zak said...

Nuclear kittens!

Glad you had fun last night. As always, it was a pleasure to see you and chat.

I used to like walking in the rain. Keeps me indoors now though, as I no longer have a jacket to keep me dry.

Zak said...


I only just noticed you have a link to my journal on your front page.


Lady Meerkat said...

I'm thinking of adding more links. You're going to be up against some tough competition for that little line. I expect at least one post a month. The circle of lurve is small :P

Zak said...

Dang. Only just read this now.

But I did post last week. Does that count?

Lady Meerkat said...

Just pulling your chain mate ;)