Friday, July 15, 2005


Listening to: ‘Now You’re in Heaven’ by Julian Lennon

Am fighting the blues at the moment. Getting annoyed, but not showing it, with people a lot. Perhaps these people are actually annoying and I was comfortably numb before… Feeling dissatisfied with my appearance more often. Fiddling/adjusting with my clothes more often than is really required (probably). I will get through it.

I have things to be thankful for. Small, silly, and/or simple things still bring me happiness and contentment. For example on the train home from the dentist (small new filling and clean up) I saw four birds flying in a line. Slowly, as they came into better view, I saw they were pelicans. The sight of these beautifully large birds, so graceful in flight, moving against the grey sky made me feel happy. I’ve always found the sight of a flying pelican an uplifting sight. To see four was rather special :)


mark said...

Thanks for sharing such a personal insight. I can relate to this ... I get those periods, and I take great solace from nature and the little things that appear out of nowhere for my benefit.

Take care and lean on your friends ... a true friend will understand, and also know when to give you space.

*hugs* All the best ...

Zak said...

The first half of that post sounds like something I could write right now.

Work is teh sux0r, and getting worse by the day. And I'm in no position to make it any better.
Wondering if it's worth a shot anyway...

I don't know that I've ever seen a flying pelican. Can't recall any. But then, I'm more likely to be looking at the ground than up at the sky.

Disappearing Boy said...

Hang in there, the blues will pass !