Saturday, July 02, 2005

Full Circle?

[sulk]From my first goth club pirate night back in March, to my second one this Friday, I have come full circle. I’ve gone from not knowing anyone to knowing around a dozen or more. Yet, as last night proved for me, I can still feel just as left out and lonely in a crowded room.[/sulk]

Thank goodness for music worth dancing to. After all it was what brought me out in the first place. It’s what I continue to go out for, socializing comes second place, and it’s what gives me the most enjoyment from my club.

The dressing up part? [whine] Yes it’s fun but sometimes angsting about getting the right combination of skirt/hosiery/top/footwear isn’t. I can’t not care in such an environment. Even with everyday wear I find that I feel better about myself when I’m happy with my outfit. There’s this funky pair of B&W striped knee high socks I have that I’ve been trying to work into my outfit week after week but it never works damn it![/whine] I think I’ll resign them to house/bed socks.

Maybe it’s just the Winter Blues hitting me, or maybe it’s the scene. This disillusionment seems to be the norm among the former goths I’ve spoken to. You can have too much of a good thing. I have been going out every single week for the last month. After this week I’ll make myself scarce. Perhaps that will make it special again.

In other news…
I found out tonight that my late grandfather, who used to coach tennis, coached the only (or the first - I don’t follow the tennis) Indian to win Wimbledon!


Zak said...

Sorry you didn't have much fun last night.

I probably got to Dream not long after you left, but like I said, I was pretty drunk so I may have been a bit *too* talkative. :p

I hope you won't be taking your break until after the Public Bar meetup and the pirate night.

Lady Meerkat said...

O I had some fun, just not as much as I have had previously. It left me questioning whether it was me or the classic 'goths are a snooty bunch, only interested in mwah mwah type interactions'... It is very hard to jump into a conversation at a club. The thing is, when I'm chatting with someone and another person I am friendly with joins us, I will physically include them in the conversation. I do this by including them in the 'circle' rather keep my body turned away from them. Too many turned away peeps last night.
O You, being too talkative? I would have hung around for that ;)
O I'll definitely be there for pirate night :) My itch to wear my tricorn hat in public persists! I want a balloon sabre [mental note to check internet for balloon tying techniques]