Saturday, December 11, 2004

Stupid People

There are too many stupid people passing their genes on to perpetuate a common stupidity. When someone gets killed when they could have avoided any mishap by using common sense, on the news they'll be all solemn and 'how tragic'. I say ‘Well, that’s one less stupid person in the gene pool’.
Examples are:
People swimming in areas where there are probably crocodiles
Drunk drivers involved in single car accidents
Train surfers and any other type of dead dare-devil

Read a pre-election edition of New Scientist – 9 October 2004, an excellent illustration on front of Uncle Sam with his fingers in his ears - in regards to the USA policies on the environment, nuclear weapons and science. While all governments tend to favour scientific research in keeping with party policy, it would appear the Bush administration does this more markedly. They have quashed the appointment of individuals to their scientific advisory committee. In 3 separate cases the candidates were considered unsuitable because of personal views regarding
and letters to newspapers critical of the government.

They censored a chapter on global warming in a report by their EPA because it was not worded loosely enough ie in conflict with the US stance on the Kyoto agreement. Another interesting factor mentioned is that most scientists are Democrats. The Clinton administration was enthusiastic about science, so American scientists must have felt particularly let down with the outcome.

I found the US election of interest this year because of the effect it has on the world. On ‘The Glasshouse’ they showed a map of the US which illustrated that the democratic vote was strongest among the educated, along the coast lines in the big cities, and that Republican voters tended to have a lower IQ. Food for thought.

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