Thursday, December 16, 2004

The 20Q Phenomenon

It's been a really busy week at work. We opened our new store. We were the last place in Melbourne to have this year’s 'must have' toy, 20Q / 20 Questions.* Apparently it had been favourably reviewed in various media. On Monday almost every single phoine call, every 5 minutes or less, was about this thing. IT WAS CRAZY. Yes, we must have had 200 questions about 20Q , on the phone alone.

We were kind of relieved when we finally sold out, and could tell customers that we were weren't getting any more before Christmas nor taking any further holds. Would have been good to have a prerecorded message saying
‘Your call is important to us. If you are calling in regards to 20Q or 20 Questions, we have sold out. We will not be getting any more in time for Christmas. If you would still like to talk to a member of staff press 1’

What I would have loved to say by the end of the say was
‘Sod off. We have NONE left.’
Not that things have slowed down, but enquiries about that game were interfering with the flow of work

It’s been refreshing to work in a store that allows, even encourages my goofier, childish self to play and be silly. Lots of people have remarked that they’d like to work here. While it’s not all fun and games – there is manual handling, selling skills, cash handling, lots of computers functions to remember, smiling till your cheeks hurt just a bit as door greeter, being cheerful and enthusiastic all the time - there is above average amusement to be had on the job. Like I often say in response to a customer’s comment that I ‘must be having fun’: it’s the best bubble blowing gig around :)

*Palm sized, clear coloured plastic, electronic toy, with red dot scrolling display. Goes through 20 questions to guess what you’re thinking of. Starts with Animal, Mineral, Vegetable, Other then proceeds to other questions like, ‘Is it bigger than a loaf of bread?’, ‘Is it colourful?, ‘Can you buy it in a store?’, ‘Does it bring joy to people?’ Guesses in response to your answers of Yes, No, Unknown, and Sometimes. If it doesn’t get it at 20 it will ask you another 5 questions then guess again then give up if it doesn’t get it. Your response to animal mineral etc seems to be vital to it getting it. It didn’t get sunglasses when I told it mineral but it might have gotten it if I’d said Other, same with pram/stroller. Didn’t get the chance to find out now that we have none!

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