Friday, December 10, 2004

My poor little Apple is fried!

Came home after work last night and my brother told that the Mac was fried. "What?! Bull shit." Yet it was true. When my sister came home her reaction was the same i.e "What?! Bull shit."

My poor little Apple is fried!*

Our safety switch got tripped twice yesterday. The second time was after my brother had unplugged then plugged in the Mac. There was a pop sound, and smell and the switch flipped. Very bad. Luckily it's only been a couple of months since we fully upgraded our system software so only most recent versions of stuff have been lost. Reinstalling shouldn't be too hard unless there are piratey locks on it (am IT ignorant - can't you tell). Am glad I hadn't really started working on my new website yet, that I've been using this PC for job stuff, and that I'd mailed my e-xmas cards to myself so I don't need to create new ones. Just lost the original Illustrator file.

*Did you know that...
... Chris Martin named their bubba after the company not the fruit.

A lovely sentiment since Apples are held dear to their owners worldwide and there is much admiration for the design and marketing savvy since the I-pod. I loved my Mac - I fear she is dead hence past tense - as much as anyone could love a machine that isn't for sexual pleasure. I've caressed her sexy curves while declaring fondness.

I reckon they should have called her Macintosh. Shorten it to Mac and you have a normal sounding name. Or even Eipodia, geddit? In ode to the I-pod if that was what they were going for :)


Read ‘New Woman’ interview with Gwyneth Paltrow and the reason she named her daughter Apple is because it sounded ‘fresh’. So one must therefore conclude that they did indeed name their child after the fruit. Daft people. No non-celebrity would contemplate giving their child such a name. Not unless they are stupid.

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