Sunday, December 19, 2004

How to Blow Eggs – Clip and Save for Easter!

Our neighbour gave us some duck eggs but we didn’t get around to using them. I decided to save their shells for an art piece somewhere down the line, or in a window display.

You will need a bowl and a sharp embroidery needle. Use the needle to carefully pierce each end of the shell. Use it or a skewer to get in there and pierce the yolk.

My brother came up with a new way to blow eggs out. Traditionally you would do this with your mouth and probably burst some of your facial capillaries or feel giddy from hyper-ventilating. A better way is to get a pump with a needle attachment as you would use for a football etc. It means that you won't need to make quite so big pair of holes. Around 1.5mm to 2mm should be sufficient for your exit hole and whatever width you need for the pump's needle. If you pump it as you would for a ball you will pop the egg, which I did on the first go. Do it slowly and you can successfully empty the egg of its contents. You can then rinse them out thoroughly by forcing water into them with your mouth or if you don’t care for that, a syringe of water, or submerge them in cool to luke warm soapy water.

If the eggs you are blowing are fresh you could make an omelette with the eggs' contents and mix that into a stir fry, mix the raw egg it into some hamburger mince or even a cake. With a bit of planning it need not go to waste.

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