Wednesday, February 06, 2013

St George Grillmaster Manual

When we moved into our rental property just over a year ago I regarded our electric stove with some uncertainty. I was only familiar with gas stoves and their quick response to change when required. It’s actually a great appliance. You can even buy parts for it online.

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As it turned out the old stove is of an excellent vintage from a highly regarded brand, manufactured in NSW c. 1970s by St George. In one of the drawers of our kitchen was the original manual! The vintage Owner’s Manual includes detailed product specifications and a wiring diagram. Apparently it came with a rotisserie attachment but we have seen no sign of it in our time here.

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When we first came upon it my BF read it out loud in a typical 1950s voiceover. We were surprised by the vocabulary for such a document. Manuals these days make such dull reading by comparison. Among other words you don’t usually find in oven/stove top manuals these days are; fierce, imperative, indiscriminate, elapse, depress, abnormal, abovementioned, foregoing, utmost.

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From the manual for the Grillmaster Model XG370:
‘A Message to the Owner
You are now a possessor of a St. George fully automatic Electric Range, and in order to assist the reader in following the directions more easily we mention hereunder the salient features of the St. George Grillmaster.

Please read this booklet carefully until you are thoroughly conversant with every phase of the range’s operation. This will ensure you obtaining the best results from your range.

Most authorities agree that provided there is ample time a better result is achieved by cooking for a slightly longer period at a slightly lower temperature.

Asbestos mats also should not be used as in each case the heat is trapped around the top of the range and may, after constant misuse in this fashion, cause the vitreous enamel to craze.’

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EDIT 15/09/2013 - 27/12/2014
For FULL MANUAL images online CLICK HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi, im hoping you can help me.

Im after the user manual for a St George Grill master model XG370. After I googled it your blog about the manual came up & yours is the only manual that I could find in existence. Im wondering if you could scan the manual & email it to me. A friend of mine has this stove in a house she has brought & can not get the stove to work (something to do with the clock & timer buttons) I have not been able to find a manual anywhere else & would really appreciate your help if you didn't mind.

Thank you
Sandra :)

Anonymous said...

We've just bought a house and we also have one of these Grillmasters. I was dubious at first but it works like a charm! Would love a copy of the manual if possible.

Lady Meerkat said...

Anonymous, I have uploaded what I so far scanned. I will scan the entire manual sometime in the next month and upload the rest.

Lady Meerkat said...

Full manual now uploaded :D

Queen Bee said...
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Queen Bee said...

I too have one of these gems and the hotplates work beautifully - but for the life of me I can't get the oven to start. Something to do with the Stop button I believe, but I have pressed it (as instructed on the button for manual operation) to no avail. Can anyone help

Mel Thomson said...

Just dropping you a line to say thank you for posting the Grillmaster allowed me to solve the 'idiot' test of a non operational oven in my new (old) house. Depressing the stop knob to override auto timer worked a treat! Saved an expensive repair attempt!

Cheers, Mel Thomson

Lady Meerkat said...

Queen Bee, if you have already consulted the manual and it didn't help then it may be time to call in a professional.

Thanks for the feedback Mel :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i'd love a copy of the manual, or even if someone can tell me why my oven stops heating. I think it may have something to do with the timer. Just made a lovely mix for banana bread and the oven was heating up fine, and now its stone cold!!

Lady Meerkat said...

Hi Anonymous, it sounds like you may have an issue with the oven timer. It's quite a common problem and should be easy to fix. Check out the link provided at the ned of my post for a page by page version of the manual which is free to download/print.