Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rant about avocados [edit: compared with mangos]

WTF is with the price of avocados? I swear I will never buy another again unless it's $2 or less. They are the whiniest, reverse Frog Princesses of the fruit world! How do you keep them happy? Why are they so pricey? They promise beautiful green butteriness but forget to add them into your salad as intended and leave them on their own for a few days and they turn nasty - into a revolting, squishy, grey-brown mess.

Replies on FB:
KP: WA avocados have been affected by disease and east coast (qld) ones not ready yet, might explain price
JO: Also most of the east coast is under metres of the old water...
JJ: I agree I haven't bought one for ages.
Me: Well that is an explanation for the current price thank you KP and JO... but even those factors notwithstanding they are expensive for what you get. Mangoes get cheaper as the season progresses but are grown in a similar climates have a better shelf life and each one - if chosen by gently cradled scent - is a handful of pure bliss and sunshine! A reliable, nutted fruity thing, the best thing about Summer. They are good value and I am all about value. Have you ever thrown out a bad mango? Hell no. But an avocado? Many a time.
JO: Deeply true.

After some research the truth is revealed about the current avocado prices in Australia : NZ are out of the game this year and - no thanks to the flooding in QLD - WA farmers will turn a very tidy profit this year.

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