Monday, February 11, 2013

Rubber chickens and LGBT marriage

'In a heartfelt speech, Labour MP and shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said “we all love a good wedding”, with its “cloud of confetti” and rubber chickens...'
from The Age

When I first read this I thought it was an amusing typo. "WTF? What has this got to do with it?" I asked a couple of people what it meant. They didn't know either. I tried looking up the speech but all I got were more news sites with the same story. It wasn't until I asked my younger housemate - who I expect has been to a few weddings, she's quite the social butterlfy - that I was able to discover what was meant. It should be a singular rubber chicken even if more than one chicken is eaten because it is describing the meat/food rather than an animal. I don't believe I've ever had rubber chicken ... probably a good thing. Any of you lucky enough to be in the same boat and wondering what Yvette was on about, this post was for you.


Since I'm here: Yay for marriage equality! If you want to get married, the gender of your Love shouldn't matter. Marriage these days isn't about the procreation of children or the financial security of women. It's about a life long commitment of love with another soul. Love is love. You don't have to get married to show it but if you want to then you should be able to. You are not a second class citizen. Years from now we will look back at this like we do with mixed race marriage and wonder why it seemed like such a big ask for something so simple. It will seem shocking that it was ever frowned upon let alone unlawful. One day we will get there.

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