Friday, October 02, 2009

'The Gentle Art of Smoking' [insert sarcasm here]

This post virtually writes itself!

Dust jacket of 'The Gentle Art of Smoking'*
Unfortunately the art by James Arnold inside this publication is less remarkable.

From inside the dust jacket:
'People smoke now more than ever before; but all too often they only acquire an unthinking habit, and neglect the subtleties of an art both ancient and universal. Alfred Dunhill ... [insert sarcasm here] ... has long felt the need of a book which will help the modern smoker to cultivate less of a habit and more of a pleasure.
'Here is also the story of snuff ... [Dunhill rubbing his hands] a fashion which shows signs of regaining its popularity. '

Dunhill A, 'The Gentle Art of Smoking', Max Reinhardt, London, Reprint 1968 (originally published 1954),

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