Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now with more stuff!

Listening to: Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs from It's Blitz!

Regular readers may have noticed it looks a little different here since the weekend. I grabbed a new Blogger Template for Dummies aka those of us who use trial and error to tweak html [points at self]. I fiddled with it, adding handy new gadgets [points to right side of screen] and a slightly different colour scheme [does game show hostess waving hand]. I hope you like it and that your meerkat clipping experience is enhanced [cheesy grin] by the option to click a reaction if you just want to show you appreciated* something, new archive format, Google search function, labels list, and rolling blog roll via my Google Reader list.

* The blogging process is spontaneous for me. I blog about stuff I care about, things that grab my fancy. It's always nice to know if the reader enjoys it as well. Little bit of feedback of this sort gives me a better idea of what you like here and what I could spend more time covering.

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