Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pets, chocolate iced donuts, films ... alcohol

Have finished a four day stint housesitting with no internet, caring for 2 cats, 2 dogs, one tank of tropical fish, and a pond of goldfish. Couldn't figure out how the microwave timer worked. Ate lots of fresh produce to keep my food costs down. Plenty of salad, pita bread, fruit and vegies. Didn't want to sit around watching DVDs all day. With G & P's collection I could have done that for every hour they were away and not have gotten though 5% of what they own. Consumed a fair amount of vodka and a bit of Cointreau. Got covered in dog and cat hair. Sketched the animals as they rested. Was cute how for the last couple of days the cats were totally relaxed with me when I picked them up.

Ate my first Krispy Kreme donut tonight. G & P, whose house I was minding, brought a box back from Sydney. Good texture but not the best donut I've ever had. The way I've heard/seen people go on about them I was expecting something with a bit more melt in the mouth fluffiness, and certainly much better icing. The 'chocolate' icing was no better than Donut King's.

I have a fond donut memory from my uni student days. I would occasionally indulge in a real chocolate iced donut from the Asian style bakery near Daimaru in the old Melbourne Central. They were the best donuts I've ever had.

In other news...
I now have 11 reviews published at the Four Word Film Review site, as well as the 80s Childhood Memories accolade :D
link to my reviews here

PS (30/03/06)
G wasn't able to do the same run through of housesitting tasks as he did last time. There were two big, fat sausages at the bottom of the fridge. Got a call from G yesterday morning. He reckoned the dogs must have loved me. It turns out I'd been feeding the dogs food for people and not pet food! I had thought it smelt rather good. One was fritz the other was pet food. P discovered this when he went to make sandwiches. They both found it funny. :)

PPS (20/04/06)
Now have 57 Four Word Film Reviews published. I rock :}

PPPS (01/06/06)
160 reviews published. It's fun :)

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