Sunday, March 19, 2006

Madrid – Part II

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Only in Madrid*, La Taurina restaurant

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Urrgh ... creepy. I’m not keen on steak. With those bull heads on the walls I don’t think I could enjoy a mouthful of any sort of meat.

Not everyone who calls themself a vegetarian actually is one. It just makes things easier than trying to explain that you only eat certain meats. M, being an example of such a person, eats seafood.

When M and I started going out I took note of the days when I hadn’t eaten meat and felt really good about that from a philosophical point of view. Now that we spend more time together it’s just an everyday thing, going meat free. I doubt I’ll ever be a vegetarian. Meat curries, stir fries, satay chicken skewers, and seafood – big juicy prawns in particular – are too yummy to give up. Unless I develop an allergy I’ll never be a vegan. I may eventually give up red meat altogether. I feel healthier eating less of it and more fresh vegies and fruit.

*As far as I know. If not, then ‘Only in Spain’!

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