Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moving meatballs/pictures. Don't judge a book by its cover!

Until Christmas a few years ago I had absolutely no idea about Terry Pratchett or his books only that they had busy, grotesque, knobbly and bulgy figures in gaudy colours tumbling about their covers. I found those covers by Josh Kirby (R.I.P.) off putting, suggesting baudy fantasy stories and thus had no interest in reading them. Pratchett purists and of course Pratchett himself seems to adore Kirby's illustrations but for me they show Kirby's 1970s fantasy and sci-fi roots. That is an aquired taste and it can be polarising - you tend to either love or loathe it. I don't deny the skill and technique that went into these pieces. They're just not appealing to me...

 ... unlike Spanish meatballs with aioli! I had these two items sitting on my desk today:


 One thing led to another - with bit of half a**ed, crappy Photoshopping you've got a delicious meatball troll and, as it turns out, a blog post:

Then one Christmas there was a curious telemovie and it made me laugh: Hogfather. I had also read Good Omens by Pratchett and Neil Gaiman which made reading on the train a little awkward but fun because I barely stifled my chuckles. Although I'd read most of Gaiman's Sandman series it was only after reading more Gaiman paperbacks that I realised the humour must have come from Pratchett. I have since grown to adore his work, and can see how he has honed his skill over time.

When reading Pratchett's books I choose the softly coloured, beautiful new covers by Paul Kidby over the old - though I hasten to add I'm happy to get my hands on a book irrespective of cover. These and the teleseries really capture the essence of  Pratchett's work for a new generation. The steampunk flavour of Going Postal was wonderful, the story excellent, the casting and thus acting - loved David Suchet - superb making it my favourite telemovie so far. I will always imagine the Patrician, Lord Vetinari as Charles Dance now.

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