Thursday, April 05, 2012

First time cooking leeks and barley was mostly a success - yummy with room for improvement. I did the most of the prepping and J did the cooking. It's a pattern we have sort of fallen into rather than set out to do and it seems to work. He says it's because I like using my fine knives so much. I do, they're a pleasure to work with.

Cutting up food with skill into nice even or interesting bits is a bit like assembling a collage or carving a sculpture which I love doing. I relish collecting fresh herbs and things from the garden so that bit is a bit like gardening which I also enjoy. Plating up can be a stimulating exercise in composition but my skills in this area are honest and homely rather than restaurant style.

I often get asked by customers if I like cooking which I answer with a tentative yes. When there's time to put something worthwhile together and I'm not tired I do enjoy it. I take an interest in trying new things - especially with J inspiring me with greater confidence.

How about you - do you enjoy cooking? Do you grow your own produce or herbs? What's your favourite thing about cooking?

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