Sunday, January 04, 2009

She sells sanctuary by the seashore

Listening to: She Sells Sanctuary by Pure Cult

A few months ago it occurred to me that, after almost ten years of frequenting goth clubs where this used to be a dance floor filling staple and hearing this song so many times, I still had no idea what most of the lyrics are. Do you? Tonight I finally looked them up and read them while listening to the song. Then I giggled at what I was fudging/pretending them to be in my head* This isn't what I actually heard but if forced to sing it I would have sung it like that** . The real lyrics don't make much more sense in my opinion ;)

* Involved slurred, snarly words and paper backs being burned.

**Actually I would more likely make something up to the tune of it. I have a gift for making partial songs up on the spot to the tune of other songs. It's a source of much amusement [grin].
example: While at an international airport a few years ago I came up with this,
sung to the tune of John the Revelator by Depeche Mode:
Get on the travelator
Get there sooner and not later
Get you to your plane on time

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