Thursday, September 04, 2008

Art Deco 1910–1939 @ NGV International

Art Deco 1910–1939 @ NGV International, was extensive with quite a bit of breadth though I must conclude I found a lot of it clunky and a bit heavy visually. The room reconstructions complete with wall decor were retina burning but I guess they were historically accurate. It was like a walk-through art history class and helped me get a better understanding of the style beyond what I already knew.

Best bits: Cartier, Lalique, US streamlining, The Strand hotel revolving door foyer reconstruction, François Pompon’s bronze Polar bear*, car ornaments made of glass, the original Holden lion sculptures. There was an exquisite cut glass vessel from Scandinavia (I think) owned by H.R.H herself. Colourless, it depicted a 360 view of glass house with women attended to some of the many little potted cacti. The detail was amazing.

I had not attended a Winter Masters NGV show before because none of the previous ones were tempting enough. This one swayed me and I felt it was well worth my time and $ :) Looking forward to seeing what the next one will be.

*Featured on lots of the exhibition merchandise in the gift shop. I was disappointed they didn't have 3D versions of him in glass or metal as a miniature perhaps. They just plastered him all over a range of stuff, and some jewellery.

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