Thursday, March 13, 2008

Species bias. Sharks < Whales?

I read and reread this article and it disgusts me how people can be so species biased. This is but one case of many that you hear about. Sharks are just as special and important as whales if not more so! They have as much right to swim in the sea undisturbed, and unhunted by anyone who feels like it. I'm not saying I like them but I respect their necessity and place in marine ecosystems.

I find it even more ironic that there's a Jetstar ad right next to it featuring dolphins - again, species bias. I'm not innocent of it. I eat meat. I've eaten flake (shark) with chips many times. Picture the same story being published with a 250kg, 20 year old, 'monster' dolphin. Would there be such a proud glow surrounding it?

I don't think spending approximately 2 hours catching/killing a harmless, shy, cold-blooded (or otherwise), non-edible animal is anything to be glorified or be proud of. I'm anti-whaling - I've even done an artwork about it - but at least the Japanese eat their catch. This provides nothing but transitory glory and admiration from those who should know better. Oh, and a mute trophy to hang on the wall.

The only 'monster' in this story is the human ego.


Merry Mog said...

Sorry not commenting on current post..... I picked up your blog while googling making fascinators. What a great "tutorial" you did. Thank you so much for that. I am in the UK and the price of ready made tiddly little things is astronomic! My son is getting married end of August(hence MOG - Mother of Groom!) and I intend now making my own. I wore hats to my other two sons weddings but this will be a double ceremony - civil first and Hindu after so I don't want to overpower the hatless indian ladies, but do want something on my head. I am intending having somthing long and floaty in the dress line, hopefully in turquoise/aqua - shades of blue/green. Sorry to have hijacked your impotant post but had to thank you so much for the fascinator details. MM

Lady Meerkat said...

MM re: fascinator comment here not there.
No probs! It's still nice to be appreciated and if you come back sometimes to read other stuff then even better :)