Saturday, March 08, 2008

Advertising Art

Lately I've had access to a broad range of magazines both local and imported. It's got me more interested in fashion and a better understanding or what works/doesn't work and why.

It's a known fact that glossy fashion magazines are largely advertisements with only a small segment having actual content. Yet what fabulous ads they are. The beautifully composed photographs, bold use of colours, shiney and sexy things to covet. The illustrated/arty ads can be particularly striking. Here's a couple that I am loving right now.

Champagne, Spain
From a Spanish magazine
I feel this will inspire a future collage from me. I quite like the coke ad that's around at the moment with a similar composition but this is more my style. Gorgeous!

Moxie Sleepovers, cute kitsch
I don't know who the artist is for this but it's an amusing and striking artwork. Moxie's website is a sweetly feminine, interactive place to visit.

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