Monday, January 14, 2008

Peak hour musings

Ladies, if you must totter about in high heels do not do it going down the stairs to a train platform during peak hour. Do not stop a few tantalising steps from the bottom of the stairs for no apparent reason while there is a train waiting. Take the escalator down, or be sure to keep to the extreme left. A few of us almost missed our train tonight because of such a woman who, when I turned back to give her a dirty look, was blissfully unaware of our frustration.

Have some consideration for your fellow passengers' olfactory sensorial systems.
Wear deodorant, especially in Summer!

Don't lean your body against the poles in the train carriage/tram/bus. It is not a strip club. You are not pole dancing. You do not have an exclusive one on one relationship with the pole. Only your hand should be in contact with it. Other people need to hold onto the pole and they want as little of you as possible, in their personal space when they do so.

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