Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mitaka Canal, Local Wildlife

Walking back to the station after seeing the Studio Ghibli Museum*, we went along the canal where there was a bit of local wildlife including, one golden koi swimming among dark koi and a tortoise sunning itself.

 photo goldenkoi0307_zps74382664.jpg
The Golden Koi, Mitaka Canal, drawing enlarged
March 2007
pencil and ink

 photo sunnytortoise_zpsf161870b.jpg
Sunning Tortoise, Mitaka Canal, drawing elnlarged
March 2007

*A must see for anyone who is a fan of their movies - fantastic! You do need to buy your ticket months before you go there. Selected travel agents outside of Japan sell them. While the shuttle bus from the station isn't a cat bus it was very cute and the bus stop itself was kinda funky as well :)

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