Thursday, June 30, 2005

Spam Tales

Feeling lazy writing wise. Heres a bit of art I created a while ago from a series called Spam Tales. It reads:
'How Smart are YOU?'
'How close are you to being a genius?'
'Are you smarter than George Bush?'
Liguori Wunderlin, 'Millionaire Mentor Needs YOU', Generous Lender
YourBrain - 'Get paid for Yours'. 'Assured Life', 'Get a New Body for NO Money!'

Image Hosted by
Brain Transplant
paper collage, ink

Over a few months I compiled a list of interesting spam senders and titles. I mashed them into semi-coherent spiels then I came up with collages for each story. There were 5 in the series. 3 of them, this one included, were mainly composed of material from an late 19th C children's annual that was beyond repair. I doctored the images - for example the women were not so curvey - the old fashioned way, with a scalpel and ink! The other 2 used magazine ads for perfume and womens underwear :D


Ozfemme said...

It looks really good. To think that spam CAN be useful!

Zak said...

That looks great. You are a talent, my dear.

I've had a bit of fun with spam in the past too. :)

Zak said...


Is it just my imagination, or is the woman at the bottom of the illustration scooping that guy's brains out?

Lady Meerkat said...

Thank you :)

It's your imagination. He's gotten a new body - a girly body - for no money and is actually giving that guy his brain...