Saturday, June 18, 2005

She's got legs!

Listening to: ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order

A week of several firsts for me:
0 Bought my first set of tyres. Chose not to cut corners on choice of tyre. I thought I wouldn’t have enough money to go out this week to my favourite night club, Cabaret Nocturne as a result. Ironically the venue for CN is a neighbouring tenant to this tyre shop.

0 Spoke with my manager about the possibility of my progress through the company into management. She said has mentioned to our regional manager, my good management potential. This was the first time she and I had discussed it. Finally, a employer that has real opportunities for advancement - and not spin doctoring to suck you into thinking you can grow :/

0 Walked out of Max Brenners really pissed off, contemplating ripping up my frequent cupper card, after getting fed up with waiting for service. My buddy and I chatted for a while expecting the usual attentive service on a Friday night. Had to ask for menu after about 10 minutes, then we waited another 15 minutes to place our order via waiter/ess. Stupid git of a waitress appeared to think wiping the tables next to us was more important than checking to see if we were being served, or even ackowledging that we were there at all!!! Seriously disappointed :( We had such a nice history Max B and I. Have had only good things to say about the place until now. May not go back there again - ever. F*** 'em.

0 Bought my first trench coat. Rain proof, fully lined and necessary because…

0 …Wore fishnet hosiery in public (to CN). Actually I’ve never worn fishnets in private either, unless you count trying them on, so it’s a first on two counts :)

0 Saw a burlesque show (@ CN). Never been to one before. It bored me [shrug]. Do you need to be attracted to women to find this interesting?

While I haven’t gotten to the stage where I can dance totally alone on the dance floor and be completely comfortable, I think I’m getting there. There were a few times last night where I thought I’d be totally alone. After feeling a small panic and cursing quietly, I persisted dancing in the darkest corner I could find. I ended up being ‘joined’ by at least one other person, sometimes a small crowd.

That’s the beauty of goth clubs: you can dance by yourself and that’s perfectly normal, while not attracting too much unwanted male attention. Be a woman dancing by herself in a mainstream club and … Well, I haven’t tried it but I’m sure I wouldn’t like it. Found intrusive/intoxicated males annoying enough when dancing with other people.

Did you know...
WARNING: Retchworthy factoids to follow.
… Humpback whales have almost the same weight of testicles as they have of brains? That’s 5 kg of brain to 4 kg of testicles.

To prepare a whale skeleton from a carcass, museum curators must extract that brain. It’s usually done with a hose fed into the back of the skull. Turn the hose on and the water displaces the brain which ‘balloons out like pink minced tripe if it’s fresh, or rotten haggis if it’s off.’* Despite what you’ve read in this blog about my skull recovery escapades, this is a skull I’d leave to the professionals! When they don’t have a hose they will scoop it out with their hands - yech.

* Van Dyk, Dr Steve ‘Humpbacks: cannon balls and brains’, Nature Australia, Spring 2004, page 20


Mel said...

Fishnets and trenchcoat? Rrrrrrr.....

Lady Meerkat said...

With a tight tee, the shortest skirt I have (ooh la la) and a homemade, light weight chain drapery hooked onto the two of the belt loops...and knee high boots! 'Twas fun :) I felt really comfortable in it and myself. Personal growth [nod]!

Zak said...

I can't believe you waited 25 minutes to order a coffee. If I hadn't even been acknowledged by the staff after a couple of minutes, I'd leave and go somewhere else.

I need to buy a new coat soon. Not "want". I *need* to. I almost froze getting home this morning. It's only a matter of time before I come down with a chest infection or something equally as fun.

Be a woman dancing by herself in a mainstream club and … Well, I haven’t tried it but I’m sure I wouldn’t like it.
Funny you mention that because a friend of mine was desperate for a guy to dance with her at a trendy bar last night, and no one was interested. And for what it's worth, she's gorgeous.

And I'm all too comfortable dancing by myself I'm afraid. I really wish someone would stop me when I'm making an arse of myself.

"Humpback whales have almost the same weight of testicles as they have of brains"
Just like human males.

Zak said...

Oh. Someone should tell the Blogger people that their HTML italic tags don't work in comments.

"/* was meant to be quoting:

"Be a woman dancing by herself in a mainstream club and … Well, I haven’t tried it but I’m sure I wouldn’t like it."

mark said...

Hey, congrats on breaking out and wearing what must have been a great outfit :) Wish I was there to compliment you in person!

Lady Meerkat said...

We were chatting away my friend and I. The hot choccies there are so good we didn't mind waiting since it was really busy. Admittedly that's a long time to wait. I won't be back there unless I'm with someone who really wants to taste their wares. I'll suffer for that person :P

Zak, why didn't you dance with her? Did she try getting up and dancing by herself? I reckon it wouldn't take long for some man to come along and dance with her if she'd done that.

Zak said...

Zak, why didn't you dance with her?

All kinds of reasons:

a) There isn't really a dancefloor at this place as such and I'd have been in the way of customers and staff.

b) I'm (reasonably) happy to dance to songs I know when only people that know me are watching. Dancing to random house tracks at a bar in front of random people is not on my agenda.

c) If I'd danced with her, she'd have known I liked her. And then what would I do?

d) I'm socially retarded.

But mostly (d).

She did dance by herself for a little while and asked at least half a dozen guys if they would dance with her. I guess the fact that no one responded in kind is proof that it really isn't that kind of bar.

By the way, I forgot to say you looked fabulous on Friday.

Lady Meerkat said...

(c) How bad could that have been?
Clearly it's a bar rather than a club so I can see why it didn't happen.