Sunday, May 01, 2005

Why Lady Meerkat?

Lady Meerkat is like her animal namesake because she:
Is brown and athletic
Has big brown eyes
Has a little, pointy nose
Has long digits
Is usually perky and alert
Digs holes (and fills them in again with organic matter, plants and more dirt)
Has been seen perched on top of raised objects in order to see/access stuff
Stand on her toes to see better (top of CDs in racks at library)
Is dexterous
Has acute reflexes (gotten much better since started playing soccer)
Cooperative, a team player
Has bitten, nipped and nibbled her own species (in the best way :} )
Is charismatic, cute and adorable when she wants to be
Can be snarly and snappy when crossed
Eats meat
Stands upright

Lady Meerkat is not like her animal namesake because she:
Sometimes finds company stifling
Doesn't eat scorpions, grubs and snakes
Isn't stripey
Isn't covered from head to toe in fur, (although she does have downy to peach fuzz, all over and hairy non-scalp parts like every other female, homo sapiens. Is that too much information? :P)
Doesn't have a tail
Is fascinated not scared by the sight of a raptor in the sky
Has a blog. [drums] ba dah ba ping!

Lady Meerkat is a lady because she:
Covers her mouth when she coughs, burps or yawns*
Excuses herself when she burps*
Puts her napkin/serviette on her lap
Uses a knife and fork where available
Says please and thankyou
Avoids profanities*
Opens the bottle of wine a guest has brought to drink with dinner
Tries not to interrupt others when they are talking (though sometimes her meerkat enthusiasm gets the better of her)
Lets other passengers alight before getting onto public transport (among many other courteous things**)
Holds her long skirts clear of steps when climbing the stairs

Lady Meerkat is not a lady because she indulges in the following when not in polite company:
[puts hand in front of mouth while yawning]
Sorry, must go and get my beauty sleep.
Can't look as fab as I do without enough sleep ;)
Goodnight dearies...

*when in public
[edit 06/05]**benefitting (sp?) complete strangers!


Zak said...

Aw. That's a cute post, and from what I've seen, it's all true.

(At least I've never seen you eat a scorpion or a snake, and I didn't notice any fur)

But is there nothing at all to put on the non-ladylike list? Maybe you'll come back to it when you're not so "tired".

Lady Meerkat said...

Zak, there's plenty but 't would not be lady like to disclose such things ;)

Mel said...

I didn't know that meerkats were carnivorous... But they look so cute - like they'd be happy nibbing on crickets and random foliage.

Lady Meerkat said...

They have amazing reflexes [nod] Previously it was thought they were immune to various snake bites. To our eyes it looks like they've been bitten. The truth is, their response is quick enough to avoid a bite altogether. The BBC did a good meerkat doco narrated by my Natural History hero, David Attenborough :)(met him briefly at book signing). National Geographic did a cover story on them last year (has a copy of course).