Friday, May 06, 2005


Just thought I'd share this with you :/

The following clipping is in poor taste. I snipped it some time ago from an interior design trade magazine. In case any of you are viewing this on a public computer with a crappy screen it says
'Designer ware to die for'
with a pic of a reproduction, of the world's most famous pieta` (depiction of the Virgin Mary and the dead body of Christ).

I can't believe the company concerned thought this was publishable copywriting. Did the right hand know what the left hand was doing? Posted by Hello

I consider myself lucky to have seen the original, albeit behind glass. It's a very emotive sculpture in the flesh. I'm not a believer but by goodness, Michelangelo was a genius [solemn nod]

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Mel said...

That's OK mate. He came back to life in the end, didn't he. Showed them!