Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today's yucky food stories

Dialogue between myself and cook (dad)
"There's okra."
"I don't like okra."
"If you want any, it's there."
"I don't like okra."
"Well if you want some..."
"For the third time I don't like okra!"

Just finished a pot of Nestle Mango yoghurt which was delicious then I found a foreign object at the bottom of it. No, it wasn't human skin thank goodness. Not sure what it was. Seemed organic, with the texture of sodden nut, a sort of beige colour with a few dark lines running through it. Seemed to be of plant orgin when I broke it up a bit between my fingers. I think I might leave the other pot alone for someone else to eat...


DaFFy said...

Naturally, if you were from the US of A, where everyone is so litigious, you would sue the yoghurt company, citing the emotional stress you went through upon finding said foreign object :)

Lady Meerkat said...

I was strangly not repulsed by finding this thing in there, because it did seem like plant stuff. Came up with hypothesis that it was a fragment of mango nut kernel. Happened to have a fresh mango in kitchen so split it open and the kernel did seem to have a lot in common with that fragment in my yoghurt. So I won't be sueing Nestle ;)

Mel said...

Why didn't you just eat it?

Lady Meerkat said...

I did actually, checking out every mouthful and poking about in the pot, but I ate it nonetheless :D

Lady Meerkat said...

Or did you mean the fragment?