Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Creative Pirate

It is with artistic pride that I present to you homemade, pirate* compilation, CD covers. I declare them to be copyright free, unlike the CDs I ripped…

‘More’ collage pics from medical magazine, ‘The Face’ (?), a Volkswagon ad, title from a women’s mag (of course)
Compiled from about 11 CDs in my sister’s collection. She has just moved out.

‘Cheerful Whistling Permitted’ double sided background image from the 2004 Melbourne Design Festival program, title and floral images from ‘Ace’ magazine, can’t remember where the teletubby came from teehee!
Compiled from a borrowed 2CD retro album that didn’t have enough good material for one CD. Padded out with more stuff from my sister’s collection.

‘Retro Playtime’ things of my childhood from Christmas toy catalogues - everything old is new again - complete with a pink square of the glossy paper we used to chop up in Prep.
Compiled from a borrowed 2CD retro album that didn’t have enough good material for one CD (again). Padded out with more stuff from my brother’s collection and another borrowed CD.

‘DeMux – Mixup Frenzy’ sticker from chemist, ‘Blyth’ image from some Melbourne arts festival program of some sort (probably)
Was originally compiled by Disappearing Boy when we were still together. Right now he’s probably thinking ‘What was wrong with the cover I made, dammit?!’ It wasn’t funky enough for my taste in design, and it was pixellated. So I put this cover together instead. I retained the original play listings because it was too much bother and retouched the disc label since theprinter hadn’t lined up the label and the graphic properly.

All of the disc label graphics shown were created using Copic markers, available from some art supply stores. The play lists were generated in Illustrator (a LEGAL copy bytheway - I’m not much of a pirate apart from the time I dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow …).

If an album looks like it has more than 5 decent songs I’ll buy it because I like the complete package that is a legal CD, whether store bought or second hand. My price cap on new CDs is $20 and for 2nd hand CDs, $6. For recently released albums, I wait until it’s been out for a little while then get it cheap instead of the rip-off that is $25+!

Lady Meerkat encourages you to own legal copies of music because infringing on copyright is a crime that robs artists of their income and the music industry will implode if you don't pay for what you listen to, pop will eat itself blah, blah, blah. You know all of THAT stuff.

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Mel said...

ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY! I insist on only buying legal music, especially now that it's getting so darn cheap now. JB HI FI is my new favourite store.

Having worked in the music industry for an independent label, the people who burn music are actually hurting the smaller independents (where most cool music comes from anyway), not the mega's like Sony. So Britney's of the world stay safe but the "next Nirvana" amongst the indies may never happen because it is becoming increasingly hard for them to survive, what with file swapping, burning, the pirate industry (aarh...me maties) and the competition from DVD and video games.

Plus - considering their investment in creating, manufacturing and marketing the product, the label actually gets bugger all (and the artist even less). The greedy folks are the retailers...

We frequently used to receive stock returns from stores who have marked up a $26.95 RRP product to $33.95. Then return it when they can't sell it (duh!) rather than reduce the margin back to the RRP and maybe even SELL IT.

Though, I have no objection to burning my own comps from my CD collection.