Friday, December 18, 2015

9 Abandoned Warehouse Street Art: The Warehouse Itself

Here is a series of shots taken in and around various locations at the abandoned warehouse, former jeans factory, thus concluding this series. This blogger here has done a more extensive post featuring images and history of the site. Like her I would not have explored as much as I did if I was alone. Fortunately I had a good male friend with me so I felt safe.

 photo WarehouseExternal_zpsfqsgltp1.jpg

 photo WareHArchit_Ramp_zpsgyjhmpzh.jpg
 photo WareHArchit_RampDETAIL_zpsqbjvtuzw.jpg
 photo WareHArchit_Belt_zpshxiief1l.jpg

 photo WareHArchit_PulleyChain_zpsymen4eqx.jpg

 photo WareHArchit_HopperFurnace_zpsapf3znj0.jpg

 photo WareHArchit_HopperSous_zpsa79b3rwd.jpg

 photo WareHArchit_WindowHole_zpsc94nuusm.jpg

 photo WarehouseEmpty1_zpspq9zpzk1.jpg

 photo WarehouseEmpty2_zpsxj7sgmvr.jpg

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