Friday, January 09, 2015

Snail and slug trap Mark III: The Final Design.

I've made a few versions of slug and snail beer traps and here is another one to try.

Take an empty, single serve, lidded yoghurt pot and remove the cardboard outer sheath:
 photo SlugtrapWhole_zps41fe36da.jpg

Remove the lid and cut an aperture in it using a cutting knife or strong scissors/shears. Make the hole big enough to take an adult snail but small enough so that the lid still clips on to keep out most of the rain:
 photo SlugtrapLid_zpsa8accac8.jpg
 photo slugtrapCut_zps6593be4b.jpg

Examples of shapes you can cut into it and some decoration because I can't help myself:
 photo slugtrapV_zps353c88b5.jpg
 photo slugtrapDeco_zpsded2018c.jpg

In situ in my sister's veggie patch, partially buried for stability and access, freshly baited with Carlton Draught
 photo slugtrapBeer_zps389e0d66.jpg

The same idea using a single serve, microwave soup bowl instead.
 photo EscargotInn_zps03a94ccd.jpg
The lid can be a bit trickier to get off and it needs more beer but it works as well as the yoghurt pot version if not better. It's very stable, doesn't blow over in the wind, doesn't need to be buried to capture, evaporation is minimal, it keeps out the rain and water from the hose. One way to improve it would be to cut the hole to the edge like the yoghurt pot for easier lid removal.

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