Friday, April 19, 2013

Devondale's new logo is odd

 photo DevonadaleOLD_zpsd028fbc5.jpg
The old logo on a small pack of UHT milk. I prefer the old packaging. It's less cluttered. That old cow has been their mascot for as long as I can remember. The map of Australia in her marking is a nice touch.

 photo DevondaleNEW_zps4d6431e1.jpg
The new logo on a small pack of UHT milk.

 photo c664bac9-1d69-4182-8fc4-c73aaff579aa_zps61b2d6a5.jpg
The new logo is odd because although it has a more realistic looking ruminant, if you look at it properly you will see that is four people holding aloft a legless cow. They are her legs and they work together to hold her up. She seems happy enough. The mesage/idea behind it is good but the end result is a little macabre.

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