Saturday, November 03, 2012

Street art: crushed can, Melbourne CBD

Another cast concrete sculpture in the Melbourne CBD (near corner of Bourke and Elizabeth), possibly from the same artist as this burger and fries. I ran a few random words through Google Translator in both Chinese and Japanese to see if any characters resembling it came up.  The character is Chinese meaning 'dead'. If anyone of you can clarify/confirm I'd like to hear from you in the comments.


gio said...

i don't know what is wrote on the can, but i can tell you that there was another can on La Trobe and Swanston st, just on the big white stone that hold the tram pole!
But someone remove it:(

then there is a Ball, on Franklin and Elizabeth st, just where the public toilets are...that is awesome:)

IlCrio said...

did you see the soccer ball?!

it stand on Elizabeth and Franklin st, aside the public toilet:)

there was actually another can on swanston and la trobe....but someone remove it!

IlCrio said...

Will Coles

this is teh guy that does that!