Friday, March 06, 2009

Crop your digital photos yourself because they won't.

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Don't go to Footscray, Kmart Kodak Express: the customer service is APPALLING and they don't care about you as a customer or the quality of their work.

Not only are they rude but they are indifferent. They don't seem to give a **** about their customers. When I went to pick up my photographs the woman was talking in a foreign language to a friend and did not stop promptly or even give me friendly greeting when I stood at the counter. She went and got my photos, plopped them on the counter without a word then went back to her conversation.

Today I went to complain about how the machine had automatically cropped my photos and try to get reprints. She basically blamed me for shooting in digital and not cropping them properly myself on the machine. Some of these images had completely featureless backgrounds which so it would have been obvious that the automatic cropping had made a mistake. Why aren't they checking the prints by hand to ensure quality? Why is the onus on the end user to do this? If it had been a film processed, a human would have checked it make sure the machine did it correctly. No were apologies offered, nor was there any offer to reprint my dozen photographs, help me on the kiosk to crop my images free or otherwise.

If I was her manager I would not tolerate that lack of service. I'd be taking her aside for a serious talking to about customers coming first and basic etiquette (greet, say please & thank you, farewell and the importance of presenting a friendly face).

Tips for helping you crop your digital photos before sending them off to be printed here and here.

****insert your choice of 4 letter swear word ;)

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