Friday, July 13, 2007

Labyrinth Masquerade Ball

Listening to Relativity by Grafton Primary

On Saturday we went to the first Melbourne, Labyrinth Masquerade Ball. There were party games, period style dancing, beautiful costumes, and much effort put in to looking fantastic by virtually all who attended. Hopefully they will have another one next year!

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Cute Overload for your daily dose of cuteness. Check out the dancing otter!


Anonymous said...

Love your masquerade pictures. I am planning a masquerade party soon and was curious what type of games they played at the masquerade you attended. You can e-mail me back at Thanks

Anonymous said...

hey there...

My name is josh & i play with Grafotn Primary...just wanted to say I'm happy you enjoy our song..

I love your outfits for the masquerade party..I miss my Melbourne dress-up days..

all the best.


Lady Meerkat said...

Hi Josh,

Thanks for visiting :) I highly recommend this event. It was even better this year (these pics are from last year).

We heard Relativity on JJJ one evening and loved the sound so we tracked your band down.
I hear you have a new album out this year! I look forward to hearing it.