Tuesday, April 19, 2005


My brother bought a box of second hand model trains at Camberwell Market. Yesterday I noticed this piece of packaging from it. We were bemused. It reads:
Solid state full circuit toilet tissue dispenser
radio ... for complete private enjoyment
MODEL : E - 1077'
Weirdo train nuts ;)

Tammy, Model: E- 1077 Posted by Hello

In other news...

My best friend is back at work, doing light duties. Upon my request, in exchange for house sitting favours, we're going to see the Lion King when it's here in Melbourne :D The puppetry and costumes for that look amazing [nod]


Ozfemme said...

Glad to see it's for private enjoyment. Enjoying if publicly might make people wonder....

Zak said...

Wow. It does *everything*!

I'd love to see The Lion King. I haven't been to a good stage show since... ever.